Mum refreshes tired-looking kitchen counters and doors for £50 with B&Q self-adhesive film

Be prepared to be impressed by this totally affordable kitchen transformation

This kitchen makeover shows how a simple adhesive surface wrap can totally transform a dated kitchen. As one savvy mum proves, you don't need to spend a fortune to give kitchens a whole new look. She has cleverly – and instantly – transformed her kitchen counters with marble-look B&Q self adhesive film, all for just £50.

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'My partner works away Monday to Friday,' mum Gemma told us. 'I wanted to surprise him, as I know we were getting fed up with how the kitchen was looking.' She goes on to share her story behind her kitchen makeover...

The kitchen before

kitchen with wihte tiles and ceramic kitchen countertop

(Image credit: Future PLC/Gemma Evans)

'I had post natal depression with my daughter and found doing something constructive really helped. So I've tried to stay proactive this time around with my son,' Gemma explains. 'He is 6 months old and my daughter is coming up three and a half.'

'Being a mother to a young family, you spend a lot of time in your home,' says Gemma. 'From past experience I know it's easy to want to do something constructive, but not be in the mindset of doing it, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.'

'Add into this mix not being fond of the space you have to spend all this time in, and you can see how some people struggle. I found home improvement/DIY/upcycling projects really helped and still do help me.'

How Gemma wrapped the doors and worktops

kitchen with white brick design tiles wall and ceramic kitchen countertop and kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: Future PLC/Gemma Evans)

This is the first stage, where countertops get a marble-effect makeover.

'It cost me roughly £50 for the wrap. I was able to complete the cupboards with 6 rolls, as luckily I did not go wrong and waste any. I took off each door and handle, gave them a good clean so there was no dust or grease. Having the doors down on a flat surface made it easier not to get any air bubbles in the wrap. For the awkward corners I used a hair dryer to heat the wrap so they would stick tight into the corners.'

Kitchen after simple adhesive film makeover

kitchen with white brickdesign tiles wall and ceramic kitchen countertop and oven with chimney

(Image credit: Futuer PLC/Gemma Evans)

The DIY retailer says of the film, 'Transforms kitchen cupboards, renovates old furniture, lines drawers and covers shelves. For use on smooth, clean, flat surfaces. Easy to apply with peel & stick application. Fully removable’.

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kitchen with white brick design tiles wall and ceramic kitchen countertop with grey kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: Future PLC/Gemma Evans)

Gemma started the job on Monday, after work – completing the wrapping of the cupboards by the end of Wednesday. Showing how a mum can multitask, Gemma tells us, 'I would wrap with my son in his Jumperoo, my daughter sat watching me.'

Showing even further the power of upcycling, Gemma explains how an old worktop helped to shape the breakfast bar. 'A neighbour down the road was having their kitchen done and kindly let me have their old worktop. On Thursday morning, I decided to add the breakfast bar element.'

'We popped to B&Q to get an extra roll of wrap for the breakfast bar, along with brackets and a leg from Screwfix which cost £14.' With all those affordable elements the job was complete by Thursday afternoon.

'it all happened between bottle feeds, naps, Paw Patrol and my 3 year old daughter being in charge of the tape measure!' Gemma adds humorously.

kitchen with white brick design tiles wall with ceramic countertop and grey kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: Futuer PLC/Gemma Evans)

Gemma concludes by saying, 'I am so happy with the over all effect, for such little cost! The wrap sticks down extremely well and I never used to put hot pans straight onto the work tops so this should not be an issue in our house!'

Needless to say her partner loved the changes she'd made, impressed by what she had achieved.

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The property is rented – proving you can still make impressive changes even if you don't own the house. Obviously check with your landlord first, to ensure they would allow such changes..

We'd like to thank Gemma for sharing her story of how home improvements have helped her wellbeing.

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