The laundry-folding robot – and more amazing gadgets Brits want for their homes

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  • The most-wanted smart home technology, revealed

    There’s no denying smart home technology is the future. We already have heating controlled from our phones and robot lawn mowers, but what’s next?

    RecycleZone has been researching emerging technological trends, to reveal what could possibly be in store for our homes in the not-too-distant future.

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    The research surveyed more than 6,000 Brits to identify the most-wanted smart home technology for their homes.

    What would make our dream smart home?

    most wanted smart home technology

    Colin Poole

    Most of the new technology shaping our modern homes takes the form of Wi-Fi enabled devices. Smart speakers and smart thermostats are among the most popular. These devices can be linked up to one another to create a ‘connected’ home.

    So what would improve our smart homes?

    46 per cent revealed they would love a smarter thermostat. One which automatically adjusts based on an individual’s body temperature, is the smart technology Brits would most like to have in their home. No need to even adjust the temp from a phone, now that’s smart!

    Forward thinking, 32 per cent of participants are drawn to the appeal of a laundry folding robot. That would certainly make household chores much more efficient.

    most wanted smart home technology
    How about a smart vacuum cleaner that can also move clutter off the floor? 40 per cent revealed this is the next highly desired smart device we’d happily purchase to improve enrich our lives.

    Interestingly, 37 per cent of Brits are attracted by the concept of a smart fridge that suggests recipes based on the contents inside.

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    34 per cent dream of kitchen appliances that connect to be controlled remotely, by smart speakers or voice activation assistants.

    Just 30 per cent felt a smart kettle, operated by a phone, is a desirable smart gadget.

    most wanted smart home technology

    Nick Keane

    Equally, only 30 per cent are tempted by the idea of smart shelves that automatically re-order items as soon as they run out. Although as shopping habits change and we gain a better understanding of their functionality, smart shelves popularity will undoubtedly rise.

    ‘We are in the era of instant gratification. People want to utilise technology that makes different aspects of their life easier and more efficient’ explains Shawn Hallums, a spokesperson from RecycleZone.

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    ‘As new technology advances and develops, consumers expectations will undoubtedly grow. This research highlights the new wave of smart technology exciting Brits most. Enough to want to own and use it in their homes.’

    Which of the new smart home gadgets would you most like in your own home?

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