Rockett St George is launching its dazzling debut decorating book

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  • The super-sassy online emporium of expressive homeware is about to reveal their first ever coffee table book, Extraordinary Interiors. It's simply gorgeous and we've got you a sneak peek...

    The coolest and quirkiest online Aladdin’s Cave of homeware have put pen to paper to release a fabulous new interiors book that only the trendiest coffee tables dare display.

    That’s right, we are excited to reveal that Rockett St George website co-founders Jane Rockett and Lucy St George have put their insanely stylish decorating know-how down on glossy paper.

    Working with stylish publishing company, Ryland Peters and Small, the dream team has produced a new book, Extraordinary Interiors: Show-Stopping Looks For Beautiful Rooms.

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    Rockett st george book cover

    The hardcover book contains eight chapters full of full of advice and inspiration. Jane and Lucy aim to empower and motivate reader to be adventurous with their planning and decorating to create the the interiors of their dreams.

    They also share their decorating mistakes, along with their triumphs, to guide readers through tricky interior design decisions. And there are top tips on how to achieve magical, surprising and inviting homes.

    As well as being full of advice, the pair commissioned photographer, Debi Treloar, to showcase – in true Rockett St George style – 12 beautiful and cutting edge houses. Best of all, we get to see inside of the homes owned by the co-founders.

    Image credit: Ryland Peters & Small / Debi Treloar

    We’ve been lucky enough to have been given a sneak preview of the book to drool over. It’s a sumptuous exhibit of dark and distinctive rooms that are dripping with shabby glamour and luxury. We’ve picked this gorgeous extract so you, too, can whet your decorating appetites.

    Go with the flow

    ‘The flow of your space is very important. Is your room warm and inviting, does it entice you in and tempt you to spend time there? It’s always worth shifting the furniture around and trying out different combinations for a week or so to see if a new arrangement works better.

    ‘When we first met, long before the days of Rockett St George, we shared a passion for interiors and spent hours rearranging our rooms. It is amazing how this can change the energy in a space and create a fresh, positive atmosphere. Why not move your sofa to a different place, or try your bed in a different position?

    ‘Lucy likes to be able to see the door and the window when she sits in bed, so much so that she enlarged her bedroom window and positioned her bed to allow her a view of Alexandra Palace when she drinks her tea in bed on a Sunday morning.

    ‘We know a lot of people struggle with change and you may find the idea of rearranging furniture uncomfortable At first a room that’s been moved round can feel slightly ‘wrong’, but sit with it for a few days and see if you still feel the same way. Go on, try it!’

    Our top 10 tips for decorating your space

    1. Always maximize natural light 

    Image credit: Ryland Peters & Small / Debi Treloar

    ‘Take down heavy curtains and allow the daylight to flood in.’

    2. Don’t automatically push furniture up against the wall

    Image credit: Ryland Peters & Small /Debi Treloar

    ‘Try placing it in the middle of the room, as this gives the illusion of more space.’

    3. Never arrange your seating area around the TV

    Image credit: Ryland Peters & Small / Debi Treloar

    4. It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of lighting

    Image credit: Ryland Peters & Small / Debi Treloar

    5. Beds should always have a view

    ‘If you don’t have one, create a style spot to look at (perhaps a dressing table or chaise longue).’

    6. Ensure that every seat has a view, too

    ‘There should be a beautiful style spot to please the eye wherever you sit.’

    7. In the kitchen, take advice from the professionals

    ‘Let them guide you with regard to layout, space and storage. Then adapt the plans to suit your style.’

    8. Creative storage – and lots of it – is essential 

    Image credit: Ryland Peters & Small / Debi Treloar

    ‘Think tall kitchen cabinets, beds with drawers beneath and capacious cupboards. How can you have a beautiful interior if you haven’t got somewhere to hide all the things you don’t want out on display?’

    9. If you don’t love it, upcycle it, swap it or recycle it.

    10. Keep mixing it up!

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    If this has left you begging for more, Extraordinary Interiors: Show-Stopping Looks For Beautiful Rooms by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George, £19.99,  is available to pre-order on now.

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