This royal street name could boost your house price by £221,016

And it's not the one you'd expect...

They say that every man and woman's home is their castle. However, a royal street name could score your own castle a regal house price boost.

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Research from Online Mortgage Advisor revealed that having a regal street name can boost the value of your property by £21,289. Based on Royals first names, the mortgage advice website worked out the royal name that can add the most value to your home.

The Countess of Wessex's name Sophie has found to be the most valuable street name. Houses on street names with this royal moniker were valued at £221,016 more than the average price of a UK property.

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Camilla was found to be the second most expensive street name. It might be uncommon, but living on a street name that includes Camilla could add £94,957 to your house price. Kate's was the third most valuable street name adding £67,728 to the house price.

However, not all royal street names will boost your house value. Street names including Charles, William, Edward and Phillip were all found to have houses that fell below the average UK property price. Properties on streets including Phillip in the name were found to be £110,295 less than the UK average.

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The affordability of streets that include the name Edward, Charles and William could have something to do with how commonly they are found in the UK. Edward was found to be the second most common name with a total of 503 streets bearing the name. While Charles was found to be the third most popular name with 491 streets including the moniker.

It could also be a gender divide. Streets mentioning female royal names were found on average to be worth more than male royal names. In fact, the most common royal street name, Alexandra, found in a total of 599 street names boost house prices by £4,292.

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Has your house price been bolstered by a regal street name?

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