The Instagram rug trend that could save you a bundle on your energy bill

Pile 'em up

We all know tried and tested methods, from draught excluders to loft insulation help keep the house warm - but the Instagram trend rug layering is one we can really get on board with.

If the chilly weather has you torn between layering up in thermals and cranking up the heating before heading to your makeshift workspace each morning, this might just help. And if it's an excuse to treat ourselves to a couple of new rugs... We're not complaining.

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living room with sofa with cushions and rug

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According to InventoryBase, 800,000 homes in the UK are energy inefficient, with the South West having some of the least efficient homes. Interior design expert Jenny Warrington from the Little House Shop suggests rug layering as a renter-friendly tip to keep the heat in and maintaining a stylish home in the winter.

'For those with wooden floors, rugs will keep your feet warm when walking around and piling several rugs on top of each other, particularly those of natural fibres and vintage patterns can add some cottagecore-inspired flair,' Jenny says. She also recommends using lined curtains and keeping curtains open until sunset, as sunlight will provide some natural warmth.

rug layering

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Rugs are a key part of our interior design arsenal. Roll out a rug and you can create a totally different vibe in a room. They're also a great tool for zoning and open-plan space, making a room feel cosy, and they protect the flooring from wear and tear.

If you're tempted by a bit of rug layering but fearful of buying the wrong ones - don't be. As long as you mix busy patterns with simpler designs and pick rugs you love, we don't think you can go too far wrong. Using similar tones will also provide an element of cohesion. You can also opt for one IKEA bargain and a pricier piece that truly makes your heart sing, so the stakes aren't quite so high.

Many follow the school of thought that rugs should be as big as possible within a space, so having one main rug and additional, smaller rugs on top could work well. It's a great chance to mix patterns and textures, creating a rustic, tactile space that's a welcome relief from the outside world during the pandemic.

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Now to find the perfect combination...

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