Sarah Beeny's bold choice of flooring is wowing the internet – but do you love it?

Will you be joining the vinyl revolution?

Sarah Beeny is the Queen of Restorations. When looking for tips on recreating Victorian tiling or panels it's her name we'd type in Google. However, her latest flooring project is not what we'd expect from the interior sleuth.

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On Instagram and Twitter, Sarah Beeny unveiled her brand new bespoke vinyl flooring. The flooring pattern is a replica of a photo of the Beeny's record collection, printed by wallpaper and vinyl designers For the Floor & More.

We know that this bold flooring might not be to everyones taste, however, Sarah Beeny's Vinyl vinyl flooring (see what we did there) has gone down a storm on Instagram.

Sarah Beeny vinyl flooring

The post clocked up 765 likes, with fans commenting:

'Omg😉 I love it 😍'

'Wow, how cool! 👏🏻'

'Looks awesome. Imagine how amazing if it was real vinyl!!!'

Vinyl has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity over the last few years. Once upon a time, it was reserved for student kitchens and hospital corridors.

kitchen with cabinets and microwave

(Image credit: Future PLC/Claire Lloyd Davies)

However, with an increasing selection of luxe materials, gorgeous effects and patterns available it has become the flooring of choice for modern homes.

For the Floor & More, Sarah Beeny's vinyl flooring company of choice, is a great example of some of the contemporary and colourful designs available. If you can't find want you're looking for, simply follow Sarah's lead and send in a photo of a pattern you wish to replicate.

kitchen with cabinet

(Image credit: Future PLC/Oliver Gordon)

Made from a man-made synthetic called polyvinyl chloride resin, vinyl flooring can be made to mimic most floorings. You can choose from mock wooden floors to patterned tiles, or even vinyl records if you're Sarah Beeny.

Waterproof and super easy to clean, vinyl is a great flooring option in a bathroom or kitchen. Just be sure to opt for a good quality vinyl that is at least 3.5mm thick.

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Whether you go bold or for a more subtle design, will you be following Sarah Beeny's lead and joining the vinyl flooring revolution?

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