Sarah Beeny says these Victorian tiles are a must-have for would-be home restorers

Add some Victorian flair to your home

When it comes to renovating a property, Sarah Beeny as far as we're concerned is the ultimate guru. So we were all ears when she shared her tip for restoring a Victorian style flooring easily.

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The answer? Topps Tiles Victorian Flooring. She explains in a youtube video exploring the new collection that Victorian tile floors are notoriously tricky to restore.

'Restoring property is really fun, and with older properties, a lot of that is restoring its original features,' she explains. 'Unfortunately, a lot of Victorian details have been lost, such as tiles in the hallway when they fell out of favour.'

room with door stairs and round mirror

(Image credit: Topps Tiles)

'The most common issue with replacing a Victorian floor is finding a trader who will fit Victorian tiles,' the restoration guru adds. 'They are often fiddly and expensive to source.'

Sarah Beeny points out that the Topps Tiles Victorian Flooring collection is much easier to fit than traditional Victorian tiles. 'Fixed to a mesh backing the pieces are quicker to lay, provide even grout joints and ware better than the traditional individual tiles,' Sarah Beeny says.

If you're worried that not opting for original tiles means you won't get the same look, Sarah Beeny is on hand to offer assurance that the collection will help you achieve the iconic Victorian look without the hassle.

'Topps Tiles has introduced a brand new range of Victorian Flooring that’s both timeless and modern too,' She says. 'Plus, there’s the added benefit that they have a gorgeous authentic design but are cheaper and easier to fit than the real thing – sourcing vintage Victorian tiles can cost a small fortune! There’s a range of different designs and colourways, as well as borders to complete the look.'

Why don't we take a look at some of the highlights from the new collection?

Topps Tiles Victorian Flooring

Beckford Black and White

room with wooden rail stairs and flower

(Image credit: Topps Tiles)

Buy now: Victorian Flooring™ Beckford Tile,  £25.85 /tile, Topps Tiles

This style is traditionally Victorian, featuring a monochrome design. Smaller square tiles are fitted together to make a large pattern. This eye-catching design will make a statement in any hallway.

Darlington Blue

bathroom with white bathtub and wash basin

(Image credit: Topps Tiles)

Buy now: Victorian Flooring™ Darlington Blue Tile,  £28.74 /tile, Topps Tiles

This more intricate design is made up of triangular pieces. These tiles would be a nightmare to lay if they were all individual piece. However, each piece is bound to mesh to help achieve a flawless look and equally spaced look.

Osterley Terracotta

room with plants flooring and tiles

(Image credit: Topps Tiles)

Buy now: Victorian Flooring™ Osterley Terracotta Tile,  £32.36 /box, Topps Tiles

This look mixes triangles and squares create a stunning detailed look. However, the muted colour palette makes it perfect for creating a show-stopping walkway or porch.

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Will you be adding some Victorian flair to your hallway?

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