Send cards for free – share the love at no cost thanks to Scribbler

Send your thanks with a new free card initiative
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  • Be someone’s reason to smile toady. A card in the post is the simplest of things, that can make a big difference. One such company that knows what a difference a heartfelt message by post can make is Scribbler.

    The card retailer has seen sales of its online offering quadrupled in recent weeks. Proving the nation is striving to stay connected, reverting back to the most simple communication mediums of all – letters and cards.

    To encourage those who aren’t already doing so,  Scribbler want to give everyone the chance to send cards. Initiating a free card offering, giving us the chance to send personalised ‘Thank You’ messages to key workers at no cost at all, P&P included!

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    Now that is enough to make us all smile on this sunny Monday morning.

    Image credit: Tamara Kelly

    I personally know the power of a personalised Scribbler card. This above was sent to me by an amazing friend. And let me just say, it certainly brightened my day.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to make those key workers aware of just how much we appreciate everything they are doing for us right now – from nurses on the frontline to night shelf stackers in supermarkets.

    Make the most of Scribbler offering free cards to play a part in making sure our thanks are felt.

    scribbler free thank you cards

    An example of one of the many cards to choose from : )

    Shoppers simply choose a card, and using code THANKYOUNHS  are entitled to a free Scribbler standard size Thank You card.

    So what do you say? Can you help in sharing the love, by sending a message of thanks?

    Visit Scribbler online to send yours today.

    Scribbler personalised cards

    An example of the personalised message inside

    As the pandemic has unfolded in the UK the simplest, yet most powerful acts of kindness have erupted up and down the country. From people giving up their parking spots to clapping on mass every Thursday at 8pm.

    Now it’s perhaps time to extend the thanks with a card. Make someone smile today.

    Scribbler free thank you cards for NHS

    The simple steps & T&Cs on how to send out a thank you card are all on the website.

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    And of course, you can still send cards to those you love and miss. Just not not for free. Trust me, it really does make a difference.


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