Follow the rainbow! Have you seen the heartwarming window trend sweeping the globe?

As a sign of solidarity, rainbows are appearing all around the world
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  • They say you can’t have a rainbow without the rain. It is for that reason a heartwarming new trend for window rainbows is taking the world by storm.

    The simple act of painting a window rainbow is helping to spread some much needed joy for those who are confined inside.

    You can chase the rainbow by following the hashtags  #therainbowtrail – which has jumped up to over 8ooo posts since the start of the week. And #windowrainbow #frommywindow 🌈.

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    Follow the window rainbow trail…

    rainbow window

    Image credit: Amy Johnson

    When we asked Finlay, aged 8, why he created his rainbow masterpiece he replied, ‘we wanted to help make other people happy when they see it in our window. It will brighten their day’.  Well said Finlay : )

    Simply adorable.

    It’s often in the darkest of times that little rays of sunshine appear, which is exactly what the rainbow trend is all about.

    It’s thought to have first started in Italy, soon followed by Spain and now the rest of the world – as we show we’re all in this together.

    Another feel good sentiment, ‘stay safe’ and chase the rainbow.

    Painting is a great way to help keep the kids entertained and feeling a little brighter while they are at home.

    Many schools up and down the country are encouraging the kids to paint the rainbows while at home, unable to see each other. It’s been dubbed ‘The Rainbow Trail’. A fun way to give kids the chance to spot the rainbows while out on their one walk a day.

    Here we see a family painting straight onto the window.

    The caption reads, ‘I’ve heard they’re putting rainbows on windows in Italy and Spain and Brooklyn, a sign of hope and solidarity and resilience in spite of coronavirus lockdowns. And now Chicago too! Can you put one in yours, friends? Make sure it’s street-side! 🌈🌈’.

    One follower comments, ‘That’s right! Children in Italy started first with “tutto andra bene”, and now in Spain children continue with it but in spanish “todo saldrá bien”. Both are to encourage other people and also children. It’s not easy to stay at home but We all obey and with creative ideas as this we continue to believe that EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE OK ❤️’

    Showing how the trend is catching on, one follower says ‘That’s amazing!! Same thing has happened in our village!’.

    Rainbows to show support for the NHS

    There are those that are displaying the rainbows to show love, support and thanks for the NHS workers who are working tirelessly at the moment.

    Paint a rainbow and put it in your window, the message is simple.

    This hopeful home has even painted the wall in a rainbow of bright colours too.

    ‘Everything is going to be ok’ says this heartwarming example.


    There’s hope at the end of the storm, and that is a rainbow.

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    It’s a simple gesture but one so powerful to show we’re all in this together. Let’s continue to spread hope with our rainbows.

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