We’re going on a bear hunt! Have you seen the latest adorable craze that’s sweeping the nation?

If you go for a walk or drive today you're in for a big surprise...
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  • One silver lining to come out of all this is the resurgence of community spirit. We’re all in this together and there are so many lovely creative ways to show support for one another.

    First we had the rainbow trail, and now we’re all being taken on a bear hunt – with this latest trend. New trend ‘bear in the window’ is simple to get on board with. You pop a teddy bear (or, better still, a collection) in the window of your home so passersby can go on a bear hunt.

    It’s a simple way to delight kids and adults alike, while out on daily walks. With every bear there is the hope of raising a much-need smile : )

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    Join the bear hunt #bearsinthewindow

    bears in windows

    Photo sent in by Jack, aged 8 and Henry, aged 4

    These classic teddy bears make for a welcome window display at Jack and Henry’s house.

    Here’s one charming bear ready and waiting to become Insta-famous.

    bears in windows

    Photo sent in by Phoebe, aged 6 and Amber, aged 4

    The girls’ adorable teddy bears are giving each other a comforting hug – too cute! They’re gathered under a rainbow to add an extra element of cheer for passersby.

    We salute you! It’s so lovely to see older bears being brought out of hiding to share in the joy.

    Not much footfall but still there’s a bear… ready to make the people smile.

    bears in windows

    Photo sent in by Finlay, aged 8

    Finlay’s colour characters are sure to raise a smile for folk who walk past.

    This giant bear is sure to raise giant smiles.

    Here’s Charlie Bear Butty enjoying being perched on the windowsill to watch the world go by – albeit slowly.

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    Stay indoors and stay safe. Only go out as the Government recommends.

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