This is how to show support for the NHS workers from your home at 8pm today

The 'Clap For Our Carers' event is taking place tonight and you can join in...

The tireless efforts from our country’s NHS and healthcare workers are certainly worth shouting about! Thanks to a viral campaign, there’s a way you can show support this evening – from the safety of your home.

Today, Thursday 26th March, marks the #ClapForOurCarers event — an online campaign which involves people showing their appreciation and support for the NHS, while the country is in lockdown.

The event hopes to see individuals across the UK applaud NHS workers from their doorsteps, balconies or windows of their homes at 8pm. The effort hopes to amass a round of applause that can be heard across the country.

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Clap For Our Carers, launched by yoga teacher Annemarie Plas, aims to praise all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, GPs, carers and NHS staff working hard during this difficult time.

How can we show our support for the NHS?

Founder Annemarie posted on her Instagram page yesterday, saying, ‘Counting down the hours. Having a number of interviews lined up to keep spreading this message. You all out there working for us, to keep the world going.’

Thousands of people have been sharing posts online and to their friends, in an attempt to spread the word to the entire country. One tweeted, ‘Remember to show your appreciation and #ClapForCarers tonight at 8pm. These are local heroes putting their lives at risk for all of us.’

doorway with brick wall and white door and pots

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Another says, ‘Who else is going to join me in hanging out their windows to clap, whistle and whoop for the NHS this evening at 8pm? I'll look a bit silly on my own so please join in. It will be good to make some noise and show how much we appreciate what they do for us.’

Another adds, ‘Tonight we all get the opportunity to show our gratitude to the amazing health and care workers who are so vital #ClapForCarers .... I will be on my doorstep @ 8pm.’

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We love the idea and think it’s the least we can do to show our support at this challenging time!