Do YOU sleep with the light on? The number of Brits who still do might surprise you

If you can't still sleep without a night light, you're not alone...
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  • New research has revealed sleeping with the light on is not just for kids. A survey of 1000 UK adults, carried out by LED Hut, has revealed that 42 per cent of Brits sleep with a light on. Almost a quarter, 23 per cent, confessed to still being afraid of the dark.

    The vast majority, 65 per cent, say this is due to feeling nervous of intruders in their home. .

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    Interesting, and unsurprisingly, 47 per cent of those who sleep with a light on claim TV dramas and true crime documentaries contribute to being scare of the dark.

    We can totally relate to this, who else was terrified of boarding a bus after dark post THAT Luther episode? (Sorry for the spoiler).

    Why are we sleeping with the light on?

    Sleeping with the light on

    Cristofer Jeschke

    For peace of mind 20 per cent admitted checking the entire room for intruders, before climbing into bed. 18 per cent of which confessed to checking cupboards and wardrobes before they felt ready for a good night’s sleep.

    Perhaps more unusually 8 percent would even check for ‘monsters’ under the bed. For those it might be advisable to switch off the TV and give your imagination a rest before bed.

    For 59 per cent of those sleeping with the light on for comfort, the hallway light was the most likely to be left. While 28 per cent admit they sleep with the bedside lamp on to feel safer.

    A whopping 11 per cent would even leave the main light to aid with sleep.

    Others prefer to leave the blinds open, 23 per cent,  or keep the TV on, 21 per cent. We’re not sure that’s helping folks?!

    Sleeping with the light on

    Dominic Blackmore

    The findings revealed women, aged between 25-34, are most likely to sleep with the light on – 35 per cent.

    With popular TV series such as Luther and Netflix’s The Ted Bundy Tapes, where women are most vulnerable, it’s maybe not so surprising women are more likely to feel spooked after watching.

    ‘Whether it’s a fear of being alone, intruders or darkness itself, it’s surprising to see how many adults sleep with the light on – claiming to be scared of the dark.’ says Paul Garner, marketing director at LED Hut.

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    ‘Often these are slightly irrational fears stimulated by television dramas or being home alone. However this can be caused by deep-rooted issues relating to anxiety.’

    Paul goes on to advise, ‘those who are seriously struggling should seek professional advice to tackle the issue head on.’

    Which one will you be switching off, the TV or the light?

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