What are the nation’s biggest concerns around smart technology in the home?

Do you love smart tech in the home?

As much as we love smart tech in our home, we do still have a few issues it seems.

Two fifths (40%) of the nation is embracing smart technology around the home, new research by the UK’s largest independent tech retailer Ebuyer has found.

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The research, conducted though YouGov Profiles, surveyed 287,885 UK adults to find out what the nation really thinks about smart technology and appliances, and what barriers are stopping us from including modern technology into our home.

The research found that a whopping 46% of UK adults are intending to purchase a smart appliance in the next six months, with a further 31% unsure - suggesting that Brits are open to adapting their home for modern living.

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Smart meters for gas and electricity, available from your energy supplier at no extra cost, were the most popular piece of smart technology the nation were intending to have installed in their homes (4%). This was followed by a security camera (3%) and voice activated speakers, such as Amazon Dot and Google Home (3%).

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With a series of big profile data breaches last year, it is unsurprising that leaking of personal data was high on the list of concerns around smart technology.

However, the cost of the products was deemed to be the biggest barrier to fully embracing smart appliances, with over a third (34%) of respondents claiming they are overpriced and not affordable.

The biggest concerns around smart appliances were:

 1. They are overpriced (34%)
2. Hacking or cyber attacks (31%)
3. Not being able to use them if the internet isn’t working (30%)
4. Data privacy (29%)
5. Getting locked out of devices (25%)
6. Having more passwords to remember (25%

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Those who have embraced smart appliances claim making their lives easier (14%) was the most appealing reason for continuing to use technology around the home. Certain functionalities being very useful (11%) and saving the user money (9%) were also among the most popular reasons. Over 8% admitted to investing in smart appliances simply because they love trying out the latest technology.

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'Smart appliances and technology around the home is a trend that is here to stay, with tech companies investing huge sums of money into developing home technology. The vulnerability around smart tech being open to hacking and data privacy issues were some of the biggest concerns around smart tech - but being vigilant and ensuring passwords are updated and internet coverage is secure will keep these threats to a minimum,' says Paul Lyon IT director Ebuyer.

Do you have smart tech in your home? If so, what are your biggest concerns?

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