Sophie Robinson shares her unconventional lighting tip to make your kitchen look more inviting

The queen of colour on the ideal kitchen lighting

Deciding on kitchen lighting can be totally overwhelming. You really need to be able to see what you're doing but don't just want harsh spotlights.

Sophie Robinson, interior designer and host of Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson on Channel 5 has shared a kitchen lighting idea to make the space much more cosy.

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Sophie Robinson's kitchen lighting tip

Sophie Robinson recommends adding a table lamp to your kitchen worktop. 'I think it's really nice to have styling moments in the kitchen, so it's not all utilitarian.

'I've got a decorative table lamp with a silk shade on my worktop that you would normally see on a living room side table,' says Sophie. The interior designer recommends we borrow living room ideas in this way, and use them in the kitchen.

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It could be a lamp, a vase, a lovely tray, or even artwork and wallpaper. 'I love my little lamp on in the evening,' says Sophie. 'You need task lighting for when you're cooking food, of course you do, but there are other parts of the kitchen where you just want a lovely glow.'

Sophie comments that we hang out in our kitchens so much, spending time there as a family in the evening. So of course we don't want harsh light and clinical bright white walls.

We want kitchen ideas that create comfort and softness. 'A table lamp on a worktop is an instant way to switch it up,' says Sophie.

As well as all-important lighting, the queen of colour is also a huge advocate of injecting colour into the kitchen by painting the cupboards. 'That will just elevate your kitchen instantly.

'Bank Holiday weekend, a pot of paint, knock yourself out,' she laughs.

 Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson airs Wednesday at 7pm on Channel 5.

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