This is EXACTLY how much storage space you get in new-build homes – and it might shock you!

Experts have been digging into the Government’s minimum storage-space requirements for new houses to show what we can expect
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  • Every home requires storage space. Whether it’s for the Hoover or a fashionable wardrobe selection – storage is always a must. Yet, conversely, there’s no denying homes are getting smaller, and therefore so is our storage space.

    With the latest data showing today’s new homes are the smallest that they have been in 100 years – just how much storage space in new builds can buyers and renters expect going forward?

    Newly released stats from Attic Self Storage’s What’s in Store for Storage guide, show just how much floor space is required in different sized properties – using government standards. And you might not be surprised to learn that it’s a modest figure.

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    How much storage space does a new build offer?

    how much storage space in new-build homes exterior

    Oliver Gordon

    Back in 2015 the government created minimum standards for internal storage space in new build homes. Detailing how many metres of floor space had to be set aside to allow for cupboards, under stair storage and built-in wardrobes.

    The guide reveals interestingly the proportion of space allotted for storage is of a similar proportion regardless of the number of bedrooms. The guidelines indicate between 2.55 and 3.15 per cent of floor space must be set aside, regardless of property size.

    Unsurprisingly, one-bed properties have the least storage space allowance – at only 1.25m squared. While larger six-bed properties must allow at least 4m squared for storage.

    Attic Self Storage used this data to create a graphic to show the requirements in all new homes, from one-beds up to six-beds.

    how much storage space in new build homes graphics

    Attic Self Storage

    The storage experts have created a rough outline of items you could reasonably fit into each space, depending on property sizes:

    ● One bed flats only really provide enough space for cleaning items and a suitcase.
    ● Three bed flats are estimated to provide space for cleaning items, larger suitcases plus some furniture.
    ● Six bed homes provide the most space internally. Allowing for larger furniture items such as summer garden chairs.

    how much storage space in new build homes cupboard space

    Claire Lloyd Davies

    ‘With the average UK home becoming smaller than ever, buyers and renters need to know what they can realistically expect to store in their homes before moving in’ says Frederic de Ryckman de Betz, the CEO of Attic Self Storage.

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    ‘Our guide is aimed at helping people estimate what they will be able to fit, so they won’t be left with struggling to squeeze items into limited space’.

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