Hallway storage ideas – to create a practical entrance that is neat and tidy

Transform your hall into a welcoming and fit-for-purpose entrance, with our clever hallway storage ideas
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  • Rethink your hall and under-stairs space and boost storage potential – stop using it as a dumping ground and make it work harder

    The hallway is the first room your guests will see as they enter your home but a pile of discarded shoes, coats, umbrellas and keys, which always have a habit of accumulating by the front door, can give people the wrong first impression. Put hallway storage at the forefront of your mind when planning your decorating scheme, especially with a small hallway, and you can create an area that’s both attractive and practical for you and your family to use everyday.

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    Your hallway can often become an overlooked space where clutter builds up, but it can easily be organised to include a few extra storage solutions. With some clever research and budgeting you can find furniture that fits narrower or more challenging spaces and will bring about a huge difference in your home. No more cluttering up the hallway with rows of shoes or searching for somewhere to hang your coat.

    Take a fresh look at your hallway or under-stairs area and work out what space you could use – even a row of hooks can make a big difference.

    1. Try an Ikea hack in a hall

    hallway storage 1

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    If you are short on floor space in the hall this hack is perfect for keep shoes neat and tidied away. Mount a row of four Trones shoe cabinets which you can get two for £22 at IKEA. Top them with a length of oak to create a hallway shelf and storage system that will keep the floor space nice and tidy.

    2. Run with a colour theme

    hallway storage

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    We’re all no strangers to keeping a colour scheme consistent in any given room of our homes, whether that’s a bedroom or bathroom, so why not apply the same principle to your hallway storage area? As above, you can also play with different hues of the same colour, from a calming mint all the way through to a moodier forest green.

    3. Make it multi-functional

    Hallway storage ideas

    Image credit: David Brittain

    Banish the build-up of household mess and maintain order for good with these east-to-live with storage solutions. Keep frequently used shoes out of the path of the front door by stowing them in a shallow unit. Leave just one jacket per person in the hallway – move out of season coats to a bedroom wardrobe. Hang a cubbyhole unit in the hallway to keep pens, diaries, notebooks and sets of keys close to hand. Finally, store kids’ wellies in a basket that you can easily pop into the car.

    4. Opt for slim solutions

    Hallway colour schemes hallway storage

    Image credit: Tim Young

    Calm the chaos of a busy hallway with slimline storage units. Create as spacious a feel as possible with unobtrusive furniture, then add boxes and baskets for bonus storage. Multi-functional furniture is the key to keeping a busy home entrance from chaos. Look for timeless pieces with in-built storage. Add a long Shaker-style peg rail to hold bags, coats and a basket for the family post. Keep your colour palette neutral for a seamless look that is pleasing on the eye.

    5. Factor in flexibility

    Hallway storage ideas

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Put an end to kicked-off shoes and abandoned coats with compact cubbies and baskets to stop clutter from escaping into family life. A sideboard with multi-use cubbies is ideal for family life. Simply swap the boxes round to suit, then add a big basket for larger belongings.

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    6. Keep it open

    Hallway storage ideas

    Image credit: David Brittain

    We realise this might not be a good option for the hoarders among us, but on the other hand, it will encourage you to keep your space organised and pristine. In fact, you’ll find it easier and faster to find things if you are in a rush to get out of the front door. The open-plan approach does require a tidy nature though, and try not to fill hangers to bursting, or your hallway will quickly descend into chaos.

    7. Build it bespoke

    Hallway storage ideas

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Don’t shy away from making a big statement in a small hallway. While it reminds you of breezy shorelines and the rolling seas, this nautical look is all about creating a laid-back room that has storage exactly where you need it. Don’t let good, functional storage become an afterthought. Give it the wow-factor by making it the main feature. A bespoke bench and lockers will provide enough storage for you and all the family – for a tidier hallway, forever.

    8. Squeeze in a console

    Hallway storage ideas

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    Need a table but lacking floor space? A compact console could be the answer. When space is tight, shoehorning in a large desk or storage unit will only make your room appear smaller. An unobtrusive console can do the job of any of the above without taking up as much floor space. A streamlined console is perfect for a narrow hallway and will serve as a handy spot to put down the post when you come through the front door.

    9. Hide it away

    Hallway storage ideas

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Awkward hallways and under stairs often have bags of storage potential. Under stairs space can be one of the most difficult to make the most of often due to limited access and lack of light. A solution is to find a low shelving unit to fit within the lowest part of the stairs for storing shoes. Give your piece of furniture a unique sense of character with stickers that can be easily replaced as often as you wish.

    Will you be using these hallway storage ideas to decorate your space?

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