Hallway storage ideas – 13 ways to create a stylish and clutter-free entrance for your home

Wow guests (and yourself) with hallway storage ideas that balance both fashion and function

Hallway storage with wooden side table.
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Your home's entrance is a hardworking space which requires smart hallway storage ideas to avoid clutter. As the first room your guest see on entering it sets the tone for the rest of the house.

It's for that reason a pile of discarded shoes, coats, umbrellas and keys, which always have a habit of accumulating by the front door, might not be the most welcoming of scenes, giving guests the wrong first impression.

Put hallway storage at the forefront of your mind when planning your decorating scheme. Especially with a small hallway idea, where a tidy entrance can make limited space work harder. With smart storage solutions you can create an area that's both attractive and practical for you and your family to use everyday.

Hallway Storage Ideas

Hallways can often become an overlooked space where clutter builds up, but it can easily be organised to include a few extra storage solutions. With some clever research and budgeting you can find furniture that fits narrow hallways or more challenging spaces, bringing about a huge difference in your home.

No more cluttering up the hallway with rows of shoes or searching for somewhere to hang your coat. Rethink your hall and under-stairs space and boost storage potential. Stop using it as a dumping ground and make it work harder.

Take a fresh look at your hallway or under-stairs area and work out what space you could use – even a row of hooks can make a big difference.

1. Clad your hallway with panelling

Hallway storage with navy wall panelling

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Give your hallway the feel of a dedicated boot room by using the same style of panelling on cupboard doors and walls. Wall panelling ideas are guaranteed to make the entrance of your home feel more premium and professionally designed. 

A nifty hallway paint idea is to paint all the surfaces the same colour for a coordinated finish. Dark shades such as navy and grey are great at hiding the inevitable scuffs and marks that a hardworking area like this will always be subject to.

2. Go for bench seating

Hallway with bench storage and seating with hats on wall.

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Creating a generous amount of space to stash shoes, plus somewhere to sit and put them on, smart bench seating is a win-win for a small hallway

A built-in unit with drawers offers easy-to-access storage, or cheat it with a standard bench and baskets or boxes below (ideally on castors). Add seat pads for extra comfort and hang coat hooks above. And don't forget the all-important hallway lighting ideas - essential for dark mornings and evenings. 

3. Upcycle IKEA drawers

Hallway with upcycled IKEA drawers with pin legs.

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Make your own stylish hallway console table and tackle clutter at the same
time with a clever IKEA hack.  

Double stack IKEA Ekby Alex shelf units, and attach hairpin legs (try The Hairpin Leg Company) for a one-of-a-kind piece that offers space-efficient storage for the
things like car keys, spare change and post that often accumulate on a hallway surface. Mount a memo board above to keep you organised.

4. Make a display feel fashionable

Open shelf with coats and handbags hanging on hooks and shoes on the shelf next to white door with stained glass

(Image credit: Habitat)

Dress your hallway to impress with a fashionable open shelving unit to keep coats and shoes on display. 'Functional storage does not have to compromise your interior style,' says Kate Gibson, Home Buying Manager, Habitat.

'On-trend rattan and wicker pieces offer practicality as well as a stylish, handcrafted appeal,' Kate adds, suggesting a style for storage baskets on display.

She then warns, 'Avoid an overcrowded hallway by only keeping the everyday essentials on display. Off-season items such as winter coats, scarves and gloves can be packed away in a storage trunk or lidded basket to keep mess to a minimum.'

5. Utilise space under the stairs

Hallway with the staircase and built in cupboards, large woven lampshade and grey and white tiled floor

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Smart under stairs storage ideas are the ultimate dream for hallway storage. Having bespoke storage cupboards built under the stairs uses the space underneath to maximise potential.

Cupboards helps to keep everything concealed, making the immediate entranceway feel streamlined and free of clutter – excellent if you're after storage solutions for your small hallway.

While this can be an expensive solution, we have seen fine examples of DIY jobs that make it happen on a budget. This couple quoted £1000 for under stair storage built their own – for just £175!

6. Make storage adaptable

Steel rack mounted again white wall with a green jacket and a white bag hanging on it with 2 benches with shoes and bags on top of it

(Image credit: IKEA)

Banish the build-up of household mess and maintain order with these easy-to-live-with storage solutions. Keep frequently used shoes and coats neatly displayed in a hallway.

Keep the storage out of the path of the front door, to keep a clear pathway. Leave just one jacket per person in the hallway and move out of season coats to a bedroom wardrobe. Keep your coat and shoe display to a minimum to stop it feeling too distracting from a neat and tidy entranceway.

7. Hang a handy hallway shelf with a mirror

Wooden sideboard with candles in candleholders and magazines on top of it in front of white wall

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

Hallway storage ideas are not just reserved for shoes and coats. Where do you keep sunnies, lipsticks and even keys? Rather than have them on display on a sideboard or console table, give smaller items a dedicated storage space with a wall-mounted shelving unit.

This smart design from Cuckooland features a handy mirror to ensure you can carry out a quick hair, teeth or lipstick check before you dash out the front door.

8. Keep it simple and stylish

Hallway storage in white and oak matching bannister and flooring.

(Image credit: Future)

'The hallway is the first impression of your home. But keep it simple and don’t clutter. Start from everyday functions and think about how to make those functions elegant' suggests CMO at String Furniture, Bo Hellberg.

This practical unit matches the aesthetic of the bright and open hallway and will help to bounce light around the white hallway.

9. Keep the hall tidy with concealed storage units

All white hallway with white shoe storage on wall.

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Free up a hallway space from piles of discarded shoes by stowing them in a shallow unit, with doors to conceal them from view. Stored out of sight helps to minimise the impact they have on the surrounding space, essential to prevent a small hallway idea from feeling overwhelmed.

10. Opt for slim solutions

Hallway with freestanding wooden uni with thin legs.

(Image credit: Future)

Calm the chaos of a busy hallway with slimline storage units. Create as spacious a feel as possible with unobtrusive furniture, then add boxes and baskets for bonus storage. Multi-functional furniture is the key to keeping a busy home entrance from chaos.

Look for timeless pieces with in-built storage. Wood tones will warm the space so that it feels like a treat to enter into your home after a long day. 

11. Coordinate a colour theme

White painted hallway with pink dresser decorated with decorative items and artwork hanging

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

We're all no strangers to keeping a colour scheme consistent in any given room of our homes, whether that's a bedroom or bathroom. So why not apply the same principle to your hallway storage area?

As above, you can also play with different hues of the same colour, from a calming mint all the way through to a trendy pastel pink for a cohesive feel in your hallway.

12. Keep storage open

Hallway with open storage with hangers and boxes.

(Image credit: Future)

We realise this might not be a good option for the hoarders among us. But on the other hand, it will encourage you to keep your space organised and pristine.

In fact, you’ll find it easier and faster to find things if you are in a rush to get out of the front door. The open-plan approach does require a tidy nature though. And try not to fill hangers to bursting, or your hallway will quickly descend into chaos.

13. Squeeze in a console

hallway with tiled floor

(Image credit: Future PLC/Darren Chung)

Need a table but working with a narrow hallway that lacks floor space? A compact console could be the answer. When space is tight, shoehorning in a large desk or storage solution for small spaces will only make your room appear smaller.

An unobtrusive console can do the job of any of the above without taking up as much floor space. A streamlined console is perfect for a narrow hallway and will serve as a handy spot to put down the post when you come through the front door.


How do you build storage in a hallway?

Build storage in a hallway to make the most of every inch of useable space. Whether that's utilising the space under the stairs, wall-mounting solutions to free up floor space or seeking modular furniture that can be adapted to your needs – storage in any hall has to be smart.

'A hallway is a part of your home with a lot of traffic, meaning floor space is in scarce supply. But it’s also the first impression of your home, so you really shouldn’t skimp on style or interior design,' advises CMO at String Furniture, Bo Hellberg.

'There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hallways. Which is why String is a good option, with all its flexible options,' Bo goes on to suggest.

'And it’s modular, meaning you can add more or change it around at any time. Generally speaking, in a narrow hallway you should make use of the height and wall spaces as much as possible. But if you have space under the stairs you could design an almost extra small room, with a desk, cabinets and shelves.'


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