Remove limescale in minutes with ingenious 2p coin hack – loved by cleaning gurus

Mrs Hinch fan shares results of ingenious hack to remove caked-on limescale from her kitchen taps

 Small change can make a BIG difference... when it comes to limescale removal. Looking for a totally free limescale-banishing hack? Look no further, as savvy Mrs Hinch fan shares her 2p coin hack for cleaning her kitchen taps.

Cleaning fan Jade Brown took to the 'Mrs Hinch Made Me Do it' Facebook group to share the results of her cleaning efforts.

Jade's limescale covered-tap before

limescale covered tap before

(Image credit: Future PLC/Jade Brown)

Jade shared the images, saying, 'Before and after the 2p trick🙈 embarrassed about the state of the first picture 😳'.

When Jade's post was met with lots of questions, that we ourselves would ask – how does the 2p trick work? She helpfully responses by telling the group you wet the coin to gently scratch the limescale away from the metal fittings. Saying ‘I just wet the 2p and used it to scratch it off. It worked straight away’.

The proof's in the pudding, as they say...

Jade's gleaming tap after

tap after

(Image credit: Future PLC/Jade Brown)

We, like others in the group, had reservations about how effect a method it is but it seems  a lot of people agreed that it works.

It seems she's not the only one in on this smart limescale removal hack – it's widely know to a lot of cleaning fans. If you're a fan of clever cleaning tricks and tips, why not treat yourself Mrs Hinch's Hinch Yourself Happy book on Amazon for plenty more great ideas. 

I'm sure we all have a stray 2p coin laying around the house, making this particular hack absolutely free.

It's a small change that can go a long way. And one to add to our ultimate cleaning calendar

Not only is the 2p cleaning hack easy and affordable, it banishes the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. Caring for the environment is a big issue – using less chemical cleaners is better for water supplies. Therefore using less cleaning products is much better for the environment.

Have you tried this smart 2p coin cleaning hack?

We're all off home tonight to raid our piggybanks to give it a try.


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