#NailedIt! The best Halloween craft and baking fails of all time

With so many inspirations on Pinterest, we see a few put to the test...and the horrific outcomes. Trust us, they're scarier than the originals

Inspired by all things spooky and driven to make this one the best Halloween yet, we show you how these ambitious elves flopped and floundered.
It's more bake fail than bake sale - and scary for all the wrong reasons.

One webpage dedicated to documenting blundered attempts at re-creating Pinterest perfections, pinterestfail.com, has collaborated the best bad attempts at bakes, face paints and creative carves this Halloween...

Baking blunder

room with cupcakes

(Image credit: TBC)

This baker attempted to make some easy-yet-effective cupcakes for her company's Halloween BBQ. Think super simple black designs on top of fluorescent orange icing - a few easy cobwebs and a couple of ‘eeks', easy, right? Her end result was a bake of black bullets smothered in mint-jelly and white graffiti. Better luck next year!


(Image credit: TBC)

Not such egg-celent artwork

egg-celent artwork

(Image credit: TBC)

How do you like your eggs in the morning? This chef likes hers with a haunted twist. When trying to replicate this mustard art on her fried egg, she made a charred edged, massacred skeleton. And we bet, most horrific of all, that yolk isn't runny anymore...

omelet with skeleton tomato ketchup

(Image credit: TBC)

No pop-cake prodigy

pop cakes

(Image credit: TBC)

Pop cakes - a small dollop of intricately iced sponge. Perfect for children and diet lovers, these sweet little bites are great at Halloween too. This bake instead mimicked a plate of decayed teeth with sprinkles on top and a stick pointing out. A horrendous disaster she wont be trying again.

A terrible set of teeth

apple smile with glue marshmallows

(Image credit: TBC)

A healthy treat for children, these apple smiles are simple to make: slice an apple and glue marshmellows together with a little caramel. Add a bombsite, handful of scream and a terribly distressed chef, and you have these... a yellow apple with sliding dentures.

yellow apple with marshmallows sliding dentures

(Image credit: TBC)

Problematic pumpkins

pumpkins cheese ball

(Image credit: TBC)

These super sweet pumpkins are made by poking a pretzel stick into a ball of cheese and creating lines with a tooth pick. This victim's end result looks like a terribly infected finger. With deformed cheese balls and chunky, crumbling pretzels, she aborted mission. Safer for everyone.

sweet pumpkin dish

(Image credit: TBC)

Catastrophic carving


(Image credit: TBC)

Props for getting creative with your carving! Try your favourite cartoon, a haunting scene or even an angry bird! The end result... a deformed carving completely unreminiscent of the original, or of anything else for that matter - made more horrific after lighting.

pumpkin with horrific lighting

(Image credit: TBC)

Failed face-painting

face make up

(Image credit: TBC)

Get artsy with your face paint and try replicating this comic-book-hero look with make up. Super easy, just a few dots, some sculpting lines and statemnt eyes - no need for fancy costume. Unless of course you just end up with heavy eyebrows and dodgy pen marks.

face makeup fail

(Image credit: TBC)

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