The top 5 family-friendly cities in the UK have been revealed

Can you guess the five cities that are the most family friendly in the UK? Is your home city one of them? If not, would you be tempted to move?

If you’re a parent or a parent-to-be, you’ll naturally want the best for your children. And that may well start with choosing a lovely place to bring them up. Excellent schools and friendly neighbourhoods will probably be at the top of your wish list, along with some sound job opportunities and high average salaries so that you can enjoy a good quality of life. But how do you know where's best for you and your little ones? Well you can start by looking at the list of top five family-friendly cities in the UK, announced today by MoneySuperMarket.

Its Family Living Index analysed 35 of the UK’s biggest cities, taking into account the key factors that impact family life, such as local school rankings and Ofsted reports, access to green space, house prices and job opportunities. Here are the top five family-friendly cities according to the Index, in reverse order. Drum roll please...

5. Bath

Famous for its Roman baths and Georgian architecture, this Somerset city has ranked fifth place thanks to a high average salary and a low rate of crime. The city may have ranked higher if it weren’t for its high average house prices and relatively few parks.

4. Southampton

Although this port city ranks low on green space, house prices are comparatively low at an average of £198,835. This, combined with a relatively high average salary, puts Southampton in fourth place.

3. Wolverhampton

One of ten towns to be awarded city status to mark the Millennium, Wolverhampton scored highly on job opportunities and affordable housing, with an average house price of £135,108. Like Southampton, however, the city has a limited number of local parks. Still, you needn't be too concerned about keeping the family entertained, as a new £55 million leisure development is set to change the face of the city centre.

2. Derby

Derby has one of the lowest average house prices on the list and one of the highest average salaries. The small and historic location also fared well in its level of career opportunities, putting it second on the list of family-friendly cities.

1. Newcastle

‘The Toon’ has taken the top spot as the most family-friendly city in the UK thanks to its top offering of Ofsted-ranked ‘Outstanding’ schools, and the amount of affordable housing in the area. Crucially, it also has more green spaces than any other city in the survey, making it a winner for families with young children.

You can check out where your city came by visiting MoneySuperMarket's Best UK Cities for Families.

Wondering how London did in all this? While the capital has a record number of parks, plus the highest average salary and number of job opportunities, it has, perhaps unsurprisingly, come bottom of the list for families.

This is due to a higher level of crime, huge competition for school places, and the nation’s highest average house prices at a whopping £483,803.

Do you agree with the top five list? And will you be moving because of it? Let us know in the comments box below.