18 unusual Christmas trees

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  • The quirky and the wonderful have come to our Christmas tree's rescue this year

    Find your Christmas tree’s location an irritation? Secretly hate the smell of a fresh fern but you dare not tell the rest of Christmas crazy England? Resent the colour scheme your tree adopts year after year?

    These quirky, unusual Christmas trees will help you break the mould this year. Think purple plastic trees, felt fancies and even a Lego trinket or two. Give your guests something a little different, but be quick, you only have a few weeks left!

    Try a woody winner

    Twig trees have proven very popular amongst fashionistas over recent years and this wooded wonder is an easy way to experiment with the trend. They look great decorated with just a few earthy baubles.

    Scatter your table with fanciful ferns

    Incorporate little metallic tree ornaments on your Christmas dining table for a simple nod to the festivity without the presence of a 7ft botanical beast. These red rubies are a chic addition to the merry menu.

    More is more with merry colours

    Got a bright room, hall or staircase? Then stick your tree up here and adopt a multi coloured decoration scheme. More is more at Christmas – think pink walls, pink carpet, fairy lights, bunting, baubles and a 7ft frosted tree. And look how lovely it looks!

    Light a candle

    These little illuminate lovelies ensure you have a Christmas theme in every room. Potted in a chrome tray, candles in the shape of Christmas trees look great when lit at night as the figure is highlighted.

    Create lumber out of Lego

    Got a Lego lover in the house? Ask kids to design tonnes of Christmas trees in different sizes and colours to dot around their rooms, punctuate playpens and take watch on windowsills. They are innovative, different and a fun kids’ craft.

    Project tree projection

    This has to be one of the most innovative Christmas trees we have ever seen. Between towers of toppling presents sits a projection of a Christmas tree equipped with a star and fluffy pompoms. No putting it up, taking it down or sweeping up pins – our kind of tree.

    Get crafty with your 2D tree

    3D trees were so 2014, now we want a 2D! This scroll of woodland wallpaper has simply been rolled out and pinned into place on the staircase then adorned with blue stars like baubles.

    It’s gold for twiggy

    Gold oozes decadence and glamour at this time of year. If you want to incorporate it into your tree, try something other than the usual bauble and spray a simple twiggy tree for a delicious masterpiece like this.

    Miniature selection

    Can’t decide what tree to have in your hallway? Then have them all. This selection of multiple minis allows homeowners to experiment with real plants, wooden ornaments and even an ornate candelabrum.

    Fake it with felt

    Get creative with your kids and allow them to design felt ferns for their rooms. Simply cut out a tree on forestry felt or card and adorn with stuffed Santas, wooden rocking horses and glittery stars. Easy and inexpensive.

    Keep it in the wild

    Trees are secret scrooges, hateful of the warmth and brightness of the home at Christmas. To keep them happy, just pot them outside your porch with a handful of wooden figurines and a large wreath.

    White winter wonderland

    Bring snow into the home this year with a white Christmas tree. Accentuate a monochrome room with a milky tree studded simply with silvery and gold tones and a sprinkling of fairy lights.

    Take it back to its roots

    Recycle your paper by returning it to its original tree form. For tidy table decorations tear up an old book and cut the edges with crinkle cut scissors, then stack in a mismatched heap and simply top with a neat star.

    Get triangular with your Advent

    Homemade advent calendars are so much more fun than a bought chocolate box – hang it in the shape of a triangle and you have a winner. For spaces that can’t occupy a tree, simple pin up a triangular advent and enjoy your homemade hardwood.

    Crafty candelabras

    Keep it simple with a candelabrum like this wired one.
    Manipulate strands of metal into the shape of a tree and slot candles in stands at the edges. The result is a simple tree that can be moved from room to room.

    Strategic shelving positioning

    If you have cascading shelves in a room then slot a star on the top shelf, replace possessions with Christmas ornaments and voila, you have an easy Christmas tree design.

    Go bright with your artificial

    Stick with a traditional tree shape, but get creative with the colour. Try a plastic pigment that picks out colour accents and decorate with accessories just a shade or two different as to not overwhelm the tree.

    Turquoise twigs

    This mini, fluffy fern is fitting for a treasure box. The jewel tones work wonders against sapphire baubles hung from its spindly legs, ruby berries thrown in a vase and metallic wall hangings.

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