This is how much slow internet could knock off your house price

It's a shocker, but fear not there is a solution

If you are looking to sell your home you better check your broadband speed. New research has revealed the value of a good broadband connection adds to a property. Poor internet could knock a shocking £38,902 off your house value.

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The research from Eutelsat found that one in five people are looking to buy during the Stamp Duty Holiday. However, broadband speed is a huge sticking point.

Potential buyers say they would only buy a property with poor broadband if it came with a 16 per cent discount. However, half of the buyers said they would avoid an area with slow speeds completely.

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Access to a good internet connection has become of one the most important things people look for in a property (51 per cent), especially now as so many of us are working from home.

Good internet connection topped typical selling points such as how the house looks (27 per cent), double glazing (35 per cent) and being close to the shops (25 per cent).

In fact, one in seven home buyers said they'd be willing to give up a bath for good broadband. 15 per cent they would even give up a garden if it meant a better internet connection.

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This is bad news for the estimated 466,000 properties across the UK that struggle with poor broadband.

'Connecting reliably to broadband, particularly in rural areas, has been a real pain point for many of us in the UK,' says James Soames Marketing Director for Eutelsat. 'Given the huge switch to working from home this year, fast, affordable and easily available service is needed more than ever.' 

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But Eutelsat has a solution. Their new KONNECT satellite broadband, promises to offer superfast internet without any of those pesky wires running underground.

'Eutelsat’s next-generation KONNECT satellite provides high speed, affordable internet that works everywhere, for everyone, no matter where you live,' explains James.

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'For those struggling with their current internet service, or for those looking to move to the countryside, there’s no longer any need to worry about dodgy conference call connections. Missing out on the latest Netflix shows, or family FaceTime.'

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