Drilling under the influence: more than 3 million Brits admit to drunken DIY-ing

Maybe it's the bold graphic wallpaper we chose in a moment of uncharacteristic aplomb, but when it comes to DIY it turns out we need a bit of Dutch courage

You know how it is... you've cleared your weekend diary to finally tackle those skirting boards that have needed a lick of paint since, well, you moved in three years ago.

But it's, like, Friday night after all... and you've just finished putting the masking tape on - it MUST be time for a little treat, no? And a nice glass of wine is just what the decorating doctor ordered...

And before you know it, hic, bouyed by new-found bravado, you decide that now would also be a splendid time rip out that old fireplace you've never liked.

drilling under the influence

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Oh dear. If this sounds even vaguely familiar then you could be one of the UK's 3.3 million drunken DIY-ers.

According to new research by Direct Line Home Insurance, many of us regularly consume more than two alcoholic drinks on the job.


And while it many not sound like much, this amount of alcohol would take many people straight over the legal driving limit.

Those questioned as part of the survey claimed that a couple of drinks did not affect their ability to undertake home improvements and that they remained confident they could finish the job in hand with no impairment to their ability or judgement.

Men are the worst culprits with over one-in-10, or 11%, admitting they are more 'Brandy' than 'Handy' Andy compared with just 3% of women.

more than 3 million brits admit to drunken diy-ing

(Image credit: TBC)

Geographically, Londoners are the worst offenders with 14% confessing to inebriated improvements, while it seems the younger you are, the more likely it is that you'll have a decorating misdemeanour with the highest number of drunken DIY offenders aged between 18 and 34.

Paul Braithwaite from Direct Line says: ‘Home improvements can often mean using heavy machinery, sharp tools or even hazardous liquids. These are dangerous even when sober, so when our research revealed just how many are participating in drunken DIY we were especially concerned.

‘There's nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks at home, but DIY whilst over the limit is an unnecessary risk. Not only are people more likely to injure themselves, but the probability of making a costly mistake is also much higher.’

So the next time you plug in your power drill, put the wine back in the fridge and practise responsible decorating. Your walls will thank you for it...

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