When to buy a real Christmas tree, according to experts

It's sooner than you might think
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  • Experts have shared when to buy a Christmas tree so you can ensure it stay alive until the 25th of December.

    If you’ve opted not to go for one of the best artificial Christmas trees, then you have to think very carefully about when to buy your Christmas tree. Real Christmas trees have a lot of perks including that gorgeous pine scent when decorating a Christmas tree.

    However, timing when to buy one especially with concerns over a Christmas tree shortage is a fine art. The plant experts at Flowercard have shared their expertise on when to buy a real Christmas tree, whether you are planning to buy a real Christmas tree online or in-store.

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    When to buy a Christmas tree

    ‘The day you buy your Christmas tree is one of the most important decisions if you want to make sure it’s still intact throughout the festive season,’ explains Liam Lapping from Flowercard.

    His advice is to order your tree on the 28th of November, if you plan to take it down straight after New Year’s Eve. However, if you plan to take your tree down later, you can wait to buy it on the 2nd of December. ‘If you take your Christmas tree down on the Twelfth Night, then you should buy your tree on the 2nd December,’ he explains.

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    ‘Typically real Christmas trees last 4 to 6 weeks if they are looked after properly. So it’s important you buy your Christmas tree at the right time to avoid a sad-looking, needleless tree for Father Christmas to leave the presents under.’

    Gardening expert, Samantha Jones from MyJobQuote, points out that you should also take into consideration the variety of tree you’re planning to buy to help work out how long it will last.

    ‘For low drop trees like Nordman firs, you can purchase them up to 4 weeks before Christmas, but for European spruce trees, get them mid-December as they tend to dry up faster,’ she recommends.

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    To make sure your Christmas tree lasts the festive season – no matter what day you buy it on – it is important to keep on top of your real Christmas tree care.  Start by making sure you pick a healthy-looking tree, and make sure the needles are green and shiny. To check the tree, give it a shake and make sure not too many needles fall off.

    Be careful about where you place your tree. Keep it somewhere cool so that it doesn’t dry out too quickly. Remember to water your tree with about 3 pints of water a day.

    Make sure you have the 29th or 2nd marked in your diary.

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