Strange noises coming from your dishwasher? – 5 signs your home appliances are on the way out

How to know if it's time to start looking for a replacement
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  • In an ideal world, all our household appliances would last forever. Sadly that is not the case. If you are wondering when to replace household appliances, here is a handy guide to work out if your washing machine or boiler is on the way out.

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    Appliance insurer’s Prominence Support have shared the five signs that could mean your appliances need replacing. From strange noises to bad smells, these are the key signs to keep an eye or ear out for.

    When to replace household appliances

    1. Strange noises

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    If a usually quiet appliance starts to make a strange sound, be that a grinding, squealing or banging, it’s not a good sign. It is most likely a sign that the appliance is about to give up the ghost.

    If you hear any loud alarming sounds coming from any other appliances, it is time to call in professional help.

    2. Unusual smells

    A bad smell or odour can be a sign than the appliance has developed fault or needs replacing. The most common is a burning smell, this could be a sign that the motor is overheating, and due to a replacement.

    3. Higher utility bills

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    If there is a sudden unexplained spike in your utility bills, this is a sure sign that one of your appliances could be faulty. A faulty appliance often needs to work harder to do there job, meaning it can use more energy.

    4. Puddles or leaks

    Never, ever, ignore a mysterious puddle next to one of your washing machine, fridge, or any appliance. Water leaking from a washing machine or dishwasher could indicate that your appliance is about to pack it in, and needs investigating.

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    5. Reduced function

    If you’re dishwasher, washing machine or TV isn’t working the way it is supposed to get it looked at. For example, if the dishes in the dishwasher are coming dirty, or the food in your fridge doesn’t seem as fresh, this could be an early sign something is about to go wrong.

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    Are any of your home appliances showing these signs?

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