Is the viral dishwasher tablet hack damaging your washing machine? – We ask the experts

A new washing machine cleaning hack has been sweeping across Facebook. However, manufacturers warn it could be damaging your washing machine

A new washing machine cleaning hack has been sweeping across Facebook. However, manufacturers warn it could be damaging your washing machine.

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A mum from an Australian Facebook group Mums who Clean introduced the cleaning fans to the dishwasher tablet washing machine hack. She revealed how popping a dishwasher tablet into a hot wash had left her washing machine pristine.

Washing machine hack

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Soon everyone was giving the hack a spin, posting photos of their grubby washing machine water mid-cycle. One twitter user raved about the cleaning tip claiming: 'I tried the hack of putting a dish washer tablet in your washing machine to clean it. Oh my goodness it's amazing. It's actually sparkling!!!'

So, the washing machine tip definitely seems to remove the build-up of dirt from the inside of the machine. However, could the hack be damaging your machines rather than helping it work more efficiently?

What the experts say...

We spoke to an expert and can reveal that while the hack will not cause any serious damage, it isn't recommend.

'Cleaning your washing machine is essential to get rid of the dirt, mould and bacteria that will have built up in the drum and pipes,' explains Lauren Clark,'s large appliance expert. 'Not only this, but it will ensure that the machine runs efficiently and keeps your clothes looking bright and fresh.

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'Dishwasher tablets are unlikely to cause serious damage to your appliance. But we'd advise that people follow the manufacturer instructions on how to clean the machine as these differ with each model and type. Many now even have their own cleaning programme to do so.'

For safe manufacturer-approved tips to keep your washing machine smelling fresh take a look at our how to clean your washing machine.

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'Instead of using dishwasher tablets, we'd suggest adding either normal detergent, a cup of bicarbonate of soda, vinegar or limescale and grease remover to your drum on an empty wash for the best results,' Lauren recommends. 'Select the longest and hottest cycle on your appliance at least once a month to get the best results.'

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