The UK's first window box subscription service launches – get beautifully planted windowsills straight to your door!

Ready-planted window boxes delivered to your door each season...

It's well known that plants and flowers can boost your wellbeing, but not all of us are lucky enough to have a garden to enjoy them in.

Well, worry not, because the UK’s first window box delivery service, Window Fleur, has launched, and will send beautifully planted window boxes straight to your door each season.

brick house with planted windowsills and brick house

(Image credit: Window Fleur)

During lockdown, millennials have spent nearly twice as much money on their gardens as the rest of the population. On average, those aged between 25 to 39 say they have spent £213 per person on their outdoor space since mid-March.

But what if you don’t have access to any outdoor space? An ONS survey recently found that more than one in five households in London (21 per cent) did not have access to a private or shared garden during the coronavirus lockdown.

Window Fleur window box subscription service

window fleur terracotta with windowsill and plants

(Image credit: Window Fleur/John R Ashover)

If you don’t have access to outdoor space, or maybe you want to make your house as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside, then Window Fleur brings ready-planted displays straight to your windowsill from £40 per season.

window fleur refilling with plants

(Image credit: Window Fleur/John R Ashover)

Just think. No more treks to the garden centre; no giant bags of compost; no mess; no stress. It's basically all of the blooms and none of the back ache for an easy route to a prettier home.

window fleur with winter white and plants

(Image credit: Window Fleur/John R Ashover)

How the Window Fleur window box subscription service works

1. Deliver

Simply select your Window Fleur box colour of choice (whether it be terracotta, dark grey or white), and then choose between two expertly curated blooms for each season. We’ll then deliver your ready-planted window box straight to your door.

2. Install

Your window box will arrive ready-planted and can be installed in under 5 minutes; no drills or tools required. Simply pop the box in place, twist the arms to secure it to the window frame and sit back and watch your window sill garden grow.

3. Refresh

Then, at the start of every season, Window Fleur will send your new pre-planted refills bursting with beautiful plants. Simply drop the biodegradable refill straight into your window box and keep the wonder in your windows all year round.

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We love an easy update so can't wait to put in our first order.