Stamp duty calculator: how much stamp duty will you need to pay?

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  • Use our free stamp duty land tax calculator to determine how much you will need to pay when buying a house

    If you’re planning on buying a property (or land) over a certain value, then make sure you use our SDLT calculator to determine how much stamp duty land tax you will need to pay. 

    The calculator is free and easy to use. Simply choose your location, input the property price and hit calculate to find out how much stamp duty you need to pay. 

    If you are looking to purchase a property in Scotland or Wales, stamp duty may be referred to as something else and the thresholds may differ.

    If the land or property you wish to buy falls below a certain threshold, then you won’t have to pay stamp duty. For properties over the threshold, the amount of stamp duty you pay is based on the price bracket the property falls into.

    Who is this stamp duty calculator for*?

    If you are a UK resident homeowner looking to buy a residential property or land, this calculator will calculate how much stamp duty you will need to pay on your property purchase.

    * This calculator is not applicable for non-UK residents or first time buyers and doesn’t apply to purchases of non-residential properties or land.

    Why is the calculator not suitable for first time buyers?

    The threshold for first time buyers is higher than for existing homeowners to help them get on to the property ladder.

    For example, the threshold for first time buyers in England is £300,000 compared to £125,000 for homeowners.

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