Country utility room ideas to create a classic laundry room to love

Create you own dream space with these simple country staples
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  • Country style and utility rooms go hand in hand. Are you looking for country utility room ideas? You’ve come to the right place. A simple approach with good storage and quality features are key to pulling this classic utility room look.

    From the units to the blinds and accessories and everything in between, every detail counts when it comes to this timeless style.

    No matter how you use your space, or how much you have to store, take a look at our ideas that to help give your uninspiring utility room a ‘country chic’ makeover Downton Abbey’s Mrs Carson would be proud of.

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    Country utility room ideas

    1. Embrace the colours of nature

    country utility room idea with green

    Image credit: Garden Trading

    Keep the look understated but undeniably country with a coat of glorious forest green on the walls. The serene yet striking shade pairs beautifully with natural wooden cabinets and worktops to create a grounding country vibe. Choose classic white enamel storage caddies and fittings to keep the look clean and effortlessly coordinated.

    2. Dress the decor with ticking stripes

    navy blue utility room

    Image credit: Ben Robertson

    Nothing says country-style quite like a classic ticking stripe. Use this faithful pattern to furnish your utility room to give the space an air of sophistication. Match the dominant colour of the pattern to your kitchen cabinet colour to keep the look cohesive. For on-trend navy choose brass fixtures and fittings to enhance the richness of the scheme.

    3. Add stylish shutters

    country utility room with shutters

    Image credit: Garden Trading

    Shutters for dressing windows is the epitome of fine country-style. Smart wooden shutters are ideal for creating scullery chic. Keep the look understand yet smart by painting the shutters, cabinets and walls in a gradient scale of the same colour – keep the walls in the lightest shade, then choose a colour few shades darker for both the cabinets and the shutters. This painting scheme will help to add depth to the look, without having to use bold colours.

    4. Decorate white goods with flower prints

    utility room with flower stickers on the washing machine

    Image credit: Sussie Bell

    Give bulky white goods a touch of country-style with the help of simple stickers. The blank canvas of white is the ideal place to add a decorative motif to soften the hardness of appliances. Team the look with floral print fabrics for under-cabinet curtains and textile accessories, to uniform the look. Make a skirt to pretty up the sink and provide hidden storage.

    5. Use open shelves for boots and shoes

    Country utility room with shoe rack

    Image credit: Jon Day

    Use your utility room as the place to clean and store footwear as soon as they are removed. Leave just-cleaned shoes to air or dry on a sturdy trolley before you return them to storage. A small pair of steps doubles as a place to prop your foot when cleaning shoes.

    6. Add flowers

    country utility room with flowers with red blind

    Image credit: Jon Day

    Create an area where you can indulge your love of fresh flowers and arrange them beautifully.  Fit shelves above the sink for storing flower room essentials such as scissors, string, gloves and glass stem vases, and display your country-style arrangements in pretty enamel jugs nearby.

    Use the colourful blooms to inspire the decor. Add interest with a bright blind in a graphic floral print to inject a vibrant touch to enhance an otherwise neutral colour scheme.

    7. Fit a ceramic utility butler sink

    Country utility room sink

    Image credit: David Brittain

    A country-style utility room isn’t complete without a traditional butler sink – best set into a chunky wooden work surface. These deep ceramic sinks are hard-wearing and large enough to cope with any utility room cleaning task. Combine with vintage-style kitchen mixer taps for a pleasing finish.

    Make this signature sink the star of the show by dressing it to perfection. A decorative textile fashioned into curtains to conceal the storage below the worktops helps to frame the sink area. A few simple decorative objects, such as a vase of fresh lavender and a vintage-style enamel sign can help to add a perfect finishing touch.

    8. Hide away ironing boards in an armoire

    Image credit: Jon Day

    Keep ironing boards, brooms and vacuum cleaners out of sight in a dedicated cupboard. Choose a slim, classic country armoire to make essential storage feel more sophisticated. Hang up the feather duster and dustpan and brush on characterful wall hooks independently of the freestanding furniture piece.

    9. Put up plentiful shelving

     utility room shelving for linens and cleaning products

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Organise your washing space with painted open shelves for folded linen and detergents. Paint basic wooden shelves in a classic cream to achieve a simple country look. The colour will provide a calming backdrop for natural linens, enamel storage caddies and attractive bottled laundry products.

    10. Choose classic pigeon holes for storage

    Pigeonhole shelving

    image credit Ben Robertson/Future Plc

    Use stylish pigeon hole shelving to make storing household sundries all the more chic. The fashionable storage units come in a variety of different sizes, from countertop to larger wall-mounted designs  to suit all utility rooms. For a totally uniformed look you can even label each one to make it clear exactly what goes where.

    11. Fashion a display area

    Display shelves utility room storage ideas

    Image credit: Mark Scott

    One of the most pleasing qualities of having a dedicated utility space is that you can show off the finer details. With chic storage solutions such as glass Kilner jars, porcelain bottles and enamelware why hide it all away behind closed doors. Use open shelving to house beautifully decanted cleaning products and simple decorative accessories. Fit the shelving above the sink so that you can keep everything you need to hand.

    Larger items such as boxes of washing powder can be stowed away in classic enamel containers or cupboards nearby.

    12. Opt for a built-in utility cupboard

    country utility room

    Image credit: David Brittain

    Create a laundry area with a built-in cupboard to make best use of the space, painted in creamy shades of buttermilk. This one has an extending shelf to act as a worktop.

    13. Conceal appliances with a curtain

    utility room washing machine curtain

    image credit: Tim Young

    Make a simple curtain to hide unattractive appliances or unorganised storage under a counter top. Sew a curtain with a narrow casing at the top and thread on to a net curtain wire or café rod. Not only will this idea instantly hide a bulky electrical appliance, it will also help to add a decorative touch through a thoughtful patterned fabric.

    14. Incorporate a pet bed

    utility room pet bed

    Image credit: Mark Scott

    A combination of built-in open shelving and drawers turns the smallest cubby hole into a utility area with space for a pet bed beneath. Working with a small space? Read: Small utility room ideas to organise compact laundry rooms and tiny kitchen areas

    15. Tile a utility splashback with glazed brick tiles

    Country utility room with butler sink

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Tile the splashback above the sink in your utility space with glazed brick tiles for a classic country look. Combine with white walls, a marble worktop and a traditional-style mixer tap. A wooden shelf, fitted just above the tiles, finishes the look and provides a handy place to display decorative pieces, and beautifully packaged laundry and cleaning products.

    16. Use an over-the-door rack for cleaning brushes

    Neutral Utility Room with Vintage-style Cleaning Accessories

    Image credit: Mark Scott for Country Homes & Interiors

    Make the most of vertical storage options such as over-door racks and country style hooks. These simple solutions are easy to fit and add instant extra storage in your utility room – and they make a great place to hang items such as teacloths, feather dusters and brushes, too.

    When it comes to cleaning must-haves such as mops, bins or a dustpan and brush, even these practical items can add utility-chic if you opt for vintage-style accessories in cream enamel or rustic wood.

    17. Build in fitted boot room storage

    Traditional Utility Room with Painted Cupboards

    Image credit: David Cleveland for Homes & Gardens

    Design your utility space to include storage for boots and shoes. Fit wooden shelving and paint it in a subtle shade, such as understated sage green, to match the cabinetry. Alternatively, use a rustic metal rack or even wooden steps to prop up footwear by the garden door. Combine painted units with a wood-panelled splashback and stone flooring for classic boot-room style.

    18.  Fit an extending wall rack to dry laundry indoors

    extending drying rack

    Image credit: Garden Trading

    No country utility room is complete without a wall-mounted extending rack for those days when the weather does not allow clothes to be dried outside. Position a wall rack near the washing machine and sink for ease of use. If you have space for shelving, add storage boxes above, or fit an enamel wardrobe rail in an alcove for hanging up garments.

    View now: Extending Clothes Drying, £145, Garden Trading

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    19. Hide clutter with a café curtain

    Small utility room ideas with curtains

    Image credit: Trevor Richards

    Hang a country-style café curtain beneath the length of a worktop or console table to hide kitchenware, cleaning products or appliances from view. Choose fabric in fresh colours, such as striking florals or fresh stripes, and sew a simple curtain that will add instant zing to your utility room. Hang the curtain using a tension rod that fits the width of the open shelving unit.

    20. Choose neutral, country-style cabinetry

    Country Utility Room with Boot and Coat Storage

    Image credit: David Merewether

    Decorate in a neutral colour scheme for a timeless look in your utility room. Choose Shaker-style cabinetry – allowing plenty of space for appliances – and hardwearing stone flooring for a look that’s pretty and practical. Use country-style enamel containers for washing powder and to sort laundry. Add a peg rail for coats above a wooden chest or sideboard for plenty of storage.

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    21. Show off shabby-chic storage

    vintage style enamel utility room storage

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    Make washday a pleasure with a dedicated utility area for laundry. Store and display ironing water, soaps, cleaning liquids and wooden dolly pegs in attractive bottles and practical glass kilner jars.

    Introduce even a few of these ideas, and the results might just might light work of those chores that need doing.

    How can I make my utility room look nice?

    You can make your utility room look nice by adopting a country-style approach. The humble yet hard-working utility room is often over-looked when it comes to decorating. Yes, you need to create a dedicated space that is well organised but practical doesn’t have to be dull. A vintage country-style look is a great style choice as it takes the room back to its roots. A scullery was a kitchen overflow for large, busy houses so had to be spic- span efficient.

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