Craft corner: How to create a pretty print using bubblewrap

We show you how to create the perfect frame for your pictures with bubblewrap - this fun craft material will bring those plain frames and artwork to life.

Update those boring photo frames by adding a fun, modern design to the mount. Bubble wrap is a surprising yet ideal craft material that adds a unique print to those plain frames and makes the artwork pop to life.

Step 1: Take a frame mount

Step 2: Cut a strip of bubble wrap to the width of the mount

Step 3: Secure the strip around a rolling pin

Step 4: Paint a pattern onto the strip of bubble wrap

Step 5: Roll on to the mount

Step 6: Repeat

Step 7: Leave to dry for a few minutes

Step 8: Use the mount to frame photos and artwork around the house

Top tip: Match the colour of your mount design to the framed image

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