Craft corner: How to make an easy flower display

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  • Love flowers? Why not try making your own floral displays with our simple step-by-step guide. In this videoVikki from Housetohome meets with Simon Richards, a flower product developer at Marks & Spencer’s to find out some great floral arrangement ideas that are suitable for all stages and levels.In this Craft Corner video Simon shows us how to make a pretty topiary display using centred narcissi First of all you need to buy two bunches of narcissi from the store. You can buy yellow or white but for this arrangement we have chosen white. First we take all the leaves off. Then bunch all the heads quite closely together with one hand.
    After 6 flowers, drop the flowers down fractionally so then they start to sit underneath the other flowers heads. Next, even out the heights to make the level then tight them in place with an elastic band to tuck underneath the flower heads. You can use any pot for your arrangement but we chose a white ceramic pot.
    To keep it simple, pad it out with bubble wrap. The next step is to dress the top. You can choose pebbles for it but we have chosen moss. You just need to tear a section and place on top of bubble wrap so that it is entirely covered. And finally, to hide the elastic band, cut a small piece of ribbon, tie it in a bow just underneath the flower heads and there you have it: a spring topiary.

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