Craft corner: How to make paper hearts

We show you how to make gorgeous paper hearts that will create the perfect framed pictures.

Want to create your own wall art? Don’t worry you don’t have to be a great artist, this fun and simple craft idea is perfect for adding a touch of personality to your walls. We’ve created a selection of pretty pictures using a heart template, but you can use any template you like. Follow our step by step guide to see how to make a paper heart wall display.

Step 1: Cut a square piece paper

Step 2: Fold top edge to bottom edge

Step 3: Fold side edge to alternate side edge

Step 4: Fold top down to centre

Step 5: Flip & fold top edges to vertical crease

Step 6: Flip & fold sides to centre crease

Step 7: Fold bottom corners down Step 8: Fold tip to tip

Step 9: Open out the tuck into pocket and press

Step 10: Press and then fold top corners

Step 11: Fold down points at top. Voila...a beautiful 3D heart

Step 12: Make loads!

Step 13: Arrange in a box frame and stick

Step 14: Give to a friend or hang on your wall

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