Craft corner: How to make paper pin wheels

We show you a step by step guide on how to make fun pin wheels - kids will love them!

Looking for an easy weekend project? Paper pin wheels are a super simple and cheerful make. Use them to liven up a shelf or table display, or why not make a variety of different colours and sizes and place them around your child’s bedroom.A simple pin wheel is also a great craft idea for your kids to make. As with all kid’s craft projects it’s important to supervise them at all stages during the making process.

Watch our Craft Corner video and follow the simple-step-by-step instructions to make these cheery pin wheels

Step 1: Draw a square onto a piece of double sided patterned paper
Step 2: Cut out square
Step 3: Fold diagonally in both directions
Step 4: Mark 3cm out from the centre point
Step 5: Cut along folds to marked points
Step 6: Fold each alternate corner into the centre and pin
Step 7: Push pin into a straw
Step 8: Make loads!
Step 9: Blow and have fun!
Step 10: Display on a wooden block

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