Designer Spotlight: Suzi Perry at the Ideal Home Show

We head to the Ideal Home Show 2016 to catch up with tech ambassador, Suzi Perry.

“My biggest tech indulgence is probably vehicles – motorbikes and cars is where I spend the most amount of money. But I love a good TV, we have a 4K TV coming in that has beautiful pictures, a bit of everything I’ve got tech all over the home.
Speaking about her own home, Suzi said: “I’m just renovating my home at the moment and it’s a total bombsite.”

“I am a huge lover of felines – I have 4 cats that live inside the house and a number of wild cats that live outside. My cats, that live inside are called Gingy, Woody, Kikki and Sandy. They are all beautiful cats, Gingy it the eldest one. They are all rescue cats and they all get along well. The love of a cat is like nothing else, because if a cat loves you then it really loves you, because doesn’t need to love you. I’ve also got a donkey called donkey, so it’s a bit of a zoo at my house!”

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