Simple Solutions: Brightly painted Ikea stool hack

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  • Jazz up a simple Ikea stool with some fun brightly coloured paint…
    In this episode of Simple Solutions we show you how to transform an Ikea stool with a simple painted hack idea.

    What you’ll need
    Ikea Frosta Stool
    Fine grade sandpaper
    Soft cloth
    Good quality masking tape
    Tape measure or ruler
    Selection of eggshell paints in different colours
    Paint Brushes

    Step 1: Prepare your stool for painting by giving it a light sand with a fine grade sandpaper then wipe down with a damp, soft cloth and allow to dry.

    Step 2: Next, mask off the all areas you’d like to paint. You can keep it as simple or as complex as you like! If, like us, you are adding stripes to the legs, make sure you measure the height you’d like your stripe to finish on each leg, marking with a pencil before masking off.

    Step 3: Paint each area your chosen colour with two coats of paint, allowing to dry in between each coat.

    Step 4: Repeat for each section and allow to dry.

    Tip:This is also a good way to use up any old tester pots you may have lying around, but remember if they are emulsion paints you’ll need to add a top coat of clear varnish to make it more durable.

    Tip: Use good quality masking tape the better the tape, the sharper and cleaner the lines.Alternatively you could try painting stools with black board paint so your little ones can get creative with chalk. Or try painting all one colour and embellishing with vinyl stickers or brightly coloured washi tape.

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