Simple Solutions: How to make dip dye napkins

We show you in a few simple steps how to make dip dye napkins for your dining table.

Ideal Home's Style Editor, Alice shows you how to transform a simple linen napkin with a dip dye effect
Recreate the make with these easy instructions...

1. Dissolve 25g of dye in 250ml of warm water and stir
2. Fill a large tub with 2 litres of warm water
3. Weigh out 80g of table salt
4. Add the salt to the warm water along with the dye mix
5. Stir well
6. Pre soak the napkin before folding and securing
7. Slowly dip one quarter and leave for 30 seconds
8. Check the colour and re-dip to strengthen
9. Dry over newspaper to catch any drips
10. Rinse in warm water and dry away from direct heat or sunlight
11. Fold and tie with string for a simple place setting