Style Secrets: Transform a picture frame into a tea tray

We show you how to upcycle and old picture frame and turn it into a tea tray. Follow our step-by-step guide to re-create this simple make.

Style at Home's Becky shows us how to upcycle a picture frame into a vintage-style tea tray.

Create the perfect tea tray to accompany your cuppa. With just a couple of handles and a simple design you will be the envy of your tea party soiree.

Step 1: Separate the frame

Step 2: Mark screw holes for a handle in the middle of the shorter edge

Step 3: Repeat this for the other side

Step 4: Use a bradawl to make holes over your pencil markings for the screws

Step 5: Screw both handles in place

Step 6: Cover each screw head with a dot of white paint

Step 7: On colourful paper, draw round the backboard and cut out

Step 8: lay the paper over the hardboard and add some decoration, maybe in the form of some vintage linen

Step 9: Cover the design with the photo frame glass

Step 10: Reassemble the frame to finish the tray Top tip: Paint the frame beforehand to create a brighter tray