Decorating with spring colours

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Whether you want to add drama with bright cottage florals or soften a look with delicate spring blossoms, decorating with spring colours is a sure-fire way to dust away the winter blues and breathe new and uplifting life into your rooms.

First think about your ideal palette; as always with stylish mother-nature, the typical spring colour shades work well whichever combination you choose, so it’s easy to find a scheme that will wake up your room and suit your taste.

For conventional schemes, why not stick to neutral tones in your living room but lift the look with fresh spring greens and washed whites for a gentle contrast? Spring border shades of soft pink, creamy yellow and dewy blue are soothing and pretty choices for bedrooms. Or, for those who prefer vivid looks, more vibrant combinations such as primrose purple, daffodil and woodland bluebell will welcome the new season into your home with cheery spirit.

Pattern can play a big part in spring decorating too, as you can use natural motifs in floral, leaf and animal designs to bring bright and breezy comfort and individual character to your decor. Curtains with large-scale blooms will pack a visual punch or a bouquet-covered sofa will make a fabulous focal point and be an inspiration starter for your cheerful scheme.

With furniture, keep the look light and fluid, and use materials that won’t distract from gentle colour and pattern. Modern light beech pieces will add a Scandi touch; white or eggshell finishes are timeless and elegant; or if you need a little depth, opt for warmer tones with oak furniture or flooring.

Lastly, find the right accessories to really set the spring tone – go for objects that share an accent colour to keep the look effortlessly chic and work in specific spring themes like birds and new buds, and display plenty of happy flowers to finish off the refreshing look.

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