Americana room ideas to get you in the Thanksgiving spirit

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  • Encompassing relaxed New England style, tailored Hamptons glamour and a refreshing red, white and blue colour palette; let's all give thanks for Americana

    Americana is a décor trend that – naturally – celebrates all things American, and it’s really big news. The main focus of stateside styling is to make patriotic red, white and blue the eye-popping palette of a scheme.

    Such strong tones need a fairly neutral foundation, so these schemes generally start with a white background. This is then filled with pops of red and blue in fabric form as well as a good dose of all-American stars and stripes. The result is usually bright, refreshing and strong. The use of white paint and mixing in neutral shades of tan will prevent Americana overload.

    However, there is a little more to this classic American dream style than meets the eye. Obviously, it’s a very popular choice for homeowners in America because of their pride in heritage. Much of their history shines through in this trend. You only have to look at the use of chunky wooden farmhouse furniture and classic American folk style fabrics, such as ticking stripes, gingham and antique quilts to see how. It all adds up to a homely and rustic look.

    Another twist to the tale is the alternative fun 1950’s retro look, where red white and blue really does shine. Think full-on American flags, Coca Cola red, classic denim blue and lit-up slogans – the bigger, the brasher and the brighter, the better. Vintage accessories and industrial pieces of furniture will also rock this look, adding a balancing touch of class.

    And then there’’s the East Coast, New England vibe where sea blues, pops of red, driftwood and crisp linens captures the holiday feel so well. Or for those who prefer the smarter Hamptons style, swap pale wood for traditional dark mahogany, add accents of navy and finish with decorative glass, chrome pieces and the odd stars and stripes cushion.

    Whichever a style you prefer, take a look at our selection of Americana room ideas where you’’ll be sure to find a look that is simply Yankee Doodle Dandy.

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