How to declutter for a stress-free happy home

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    Try these brilliant storage solutions to get your house in order

    The curious thing about clutter is that it’s all too easy to get used to. And if a room has become accepted as the place where people dump stuff, or there just never seems to be space to put things away and out of sight, it seems to multiply.

    Clutter not only slows everything down but it adds to your stress levels, too. So here’s how to organise the most common clutter zones…

    Focus by making a list of what you want to clear, or better still snapping a pic on your phone of the room you want to tackle. From the side-table that’s crowded with too many ornaments, to the laundry that never quite seems to get put away, you’ll have a specific target area to deal with.

    Add Impact With Pops Of Black

    Now use your imagination to visualise your space looking beautifully streamlined and clutter-free. Instead of seeing an insurmountable jumble, this visualisation technique gives you an achievable goal.

    Get tough and decide to ditch things you no longer want or need. From clothes the kids don’t wear any more to space-hogging furniture, selling on eBay is a brilliant way to clear the decks. Take some pictures from a few angles, write a description to go with it, name your price and upload it straight from your phone. Simple. Make sure you use searchable keywords, and consider free shipping, as this can increase sales by 30%. You can also select ‘Collection-Only’ for larger pieces of furniture, and you can choose whether you want to sell an item as Buy It Now or list as an Auction.

    Decide you’ll put at least some of the money you make towards investing in some clever new storage. Finding a place for everything will help keep the wheels of household life turning smoothly.

    So now you’ve got yourself in the right frame of mind to beat the mess once and for all, here are some of your key clutterbusting targets for a clearer, happier home…

    Blue Entrance Hall
    Organise the hall
    We’ve all been there – the early morning pandemonium as everyone on the family dashes about trying to find lost shoes, bags and coats. So allocate each person a dedicated storage space – even just their own peg – and you’ll encourage them to hang up their coat and scarf instead of slinging it on the bannister. Consider a hall storage bench or unit with space for individual storage boxes they can call their own. You may even want to add name labels so no one has any excuse…

    Tidy those shoes
    Shoes need to come off the floor. A smart storage trunk is one solution if you need to sling and fling in the hallway or kitchen, but pigeon-hole storage is especially useful for keeping shoes and boots in pairs. An over-door shoe store is an instant way to pair them up and out of the way. If you opt for shoe boxes in your wardrobe, make sure they’re clear so you can see the contents instantly.

    retro kitchen
    Create a clearer kitchen
    Uncluttered work surfaces look so much more inviting. You can increase the storage in your kitchen cupboards by adding under-shelf baskets that fit over existing shelves. Consider rows of hooks for pans, or to create extra space in units. And if you haven’t used that juicer for six months, maybe it’s time to put it on eBay

    Store for the seasons
    Use vacuum-packs to shrink and store seasonal items like extra blankets or the double thickness winter duvet, plus any extra pillows. You’ll save tons of space – plus it’s fun to watch the package crinkling to half the size.

    Home office storage

    Box up those bills

    Paperwork is clutter, and while it may be essential, it’s not pretty. Invest in a set of attractive boxes to tidy it all away, but remember to label them clearly.

    Ditch the guilt buys…
    And finally ask yourself…are you really going to use that tent again? Sell it on eBay and make a festival fan very happy.

    Once you’ve decluttered and streamlined your space, you’ll find it so much easier to keep everything organised – and that means a happier home for everyone.

    With millions of buyers ready and waiting, there’s no better place for you to sell than eBay.

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