Bridgerton's Production Designer reveals 5 set secrets that will help you replicate the modern regency look in your home

From the colours to the types of pattern that will help add the best of Bridgerton to your home decor

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When series three of Bridgerton landed on Netflix last month I was sceptical whether the regency-core trend would stage another comeback. Aren't we sick of the pretty pastel look by now? I can safely say the answer is a definitive 'no'.

After devouring part 1 in one day, and counting the days until part 2 comes out, I count myself as one of the many who has been sucked into wanting to capture a bit of the show's magic in my home. Before the new series kicked off I was lucky enough to chat with the show's Production Designer Alison Gartshore, who let me in on the set secrets that define the Bridgerton look, and can be translated into your home.

Design secrets from the Bridgerton set

The Bridgerton set is inspired by all things regency, but with a slight twist. 'Bridgerton isn't absolutely historically accurate, we do play with it a little bit, but we are very much rooted in the regency era,' explains Alison.

'I wouldn't do anything that couldn't be done back then, but I think the interpretation is more modern.'

1. Delicate patterns are essential

Dowager Bridgerton and Penelope holding hands in a damask panelled room looking off to the side

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The first key foundation of the show's aesthetic is decorating with pattern. You'll see it on the furniture, walls, rugs and even the crockery. However, Alison explains that the Bridgerton look focuses on larger-scale patterns that will work well on camera, and are carefully balanced not to look overwhelming.

'We have a lot of patterns in Bridgerton,' says Alison. 'You have to be careful not to go off into heavy patterning that is more the Victorian period. The Regency patterning is very delicate, very fine lines and delicate colour palettes.'

'We use an awful lot of damask fabric. But we haven't really ever done too much of the very small patterns that you've got a lot of in the Regency period, partly because they're not very impactful on camera.

2. Every character has a colour palette

Bridgerton Queen surrounded by ladies in waiting against a yellow backdrop

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One of the things I love about Bridgerton is that each family and character has a very clear and distinct Bridgerton colour palette that you can add to your home as a subtle fan girl/boy nod. Alison says that these colour palettes are key to how they design the homes for each character, from the Bridgerton family's blue and champagne home to the Featherington's Versace-style abode.

Alison took inspiration from the Regency period to put them together. 'They had quite a range of really beautiful colour palettes that they use, and they're quite bright colours some of them, bright pinks, lavenders and sugar almonds, that you'll see us using in Bridgerton,' she explains.

3. Lighting is layered to create that glow

Bridgerton character Penelope and suitor stood in front of a yellow wall and gold framed mirror

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Layered lighting is essential to creating that Bridgerton look on screen, and will translate into a home. Alison explains that on set 'you have to make sure you have enough practical in the space. The chandeliers, wall sconces, candles and fireplaces are very important for night time work. Other than that it's all about getting enough natural light.'

On set, they are able to curate the shot to ensure the windows are in the right places. At home you won't always have that luxury, but you can recreate that magic and redirect natural light with the help of some living room mirror ideas.

4. They mix antiques and new furniture

Bridgerton character Penelope sat on bed holding quill over writing desk with drawers and green walls in background

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Bridgerton has a dedicated team that scours the country for antique pieces. However, Alison points out that not every piece of furniture needs to be an antique.

'Sometimes we use authentic pieces, it really depends on what it is,' says Alison. 'Sometimes things will be too delicate to use, and we have to use reproduction, just in terms of its longevity and its robustness. But it really is a big eclectic mix of period pieces and new pieces which we then paint or reupholster.'

This is a handy lesson to take for your own home, you don't need every piece to be antique, in fact a mix will look more natural and be far more practical for a modern home.

5. Florals are key to the modern spin

Dowager Lady Bridgerton and Francesca sat on blue sofa facing each other with floral arrangement in background

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The floral arrangements are one of the most underrated parts of the Bridgerton set in my opinion, but they're crucial to adding a modern spin to the regency aesthetic.

Alison explains that the big, bold and beautiful florals that explode out of vases on console tables and dining tables are where they've taken some creative license on the historical look.

'I think that's when you bring in a touch of modernity, because if you look at the historical floral arrangements they might be a lot more conservative than the ones we use,' she explains.

While we don't all have the space for floral arrangements on the Bridgerton scale, they can still look stunning scaled down and styled with regency-inspired furniture.

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