Missed out on MADE's bestselling Haru sofa bed? Habitat is selling a dupe at half the price

Weren't able to snag MADE's bestselling sofa bed while you had the chance? We found the next best thing

Habitat Roma sofa bed
(Image credit: Habitat)

The Haru sofa bed was one of our favourite pieces from the beloved online retailer Made.com, ranking high among the best sofa beds.  However, after Made.com stopped taking orders at the end of October, many have been launched into uncertainty concerning the future of the brand and whether we'll see the Haru sofa bed again. However, we've found the perfect alternative.

'Finding a sofa bed that looks good, is comfortable, and doesn't break the bank can be a tricky business. That's why the Haru used to be one of our top tried-and-tested recommendations for the best sofa bed you can buy,' explains Ideal Home's Decor Editor, Amy Lockwood. 'It combined a (relatively) low price point, luxe-look velvet upholstery, and perfectly acceptable comfort levels for both sitting and sleeping.'

Made.com haru sofa bed

Made.com Haru Sofa Bed

(Image credit: Made.com)

If you're one of the bunch that wasn't able to get your hands on the Haru Sofa Bed and had your heart set on it as a multifunctional addition to your small living room ideas, it's not all doom and gloom. Habitat is selling a great alternative for the well-sought-after style – the Roma Chairbed, coming in from just £210, almost half the price of the Haru sofa, and more affordable than the Haru chair bed version too.

Habitat Roma Chairbed

Habitat claims that the Roma is a smart way to be prepared for any occasion, equipped with the ability to be taken from day to night – its day job being a comfy chair, a perfect fit for your cosy living room ideas, transforming into a comfy single bed on its night shift.

The plump stuffed foam cushions are ideal for when you want to wind down and relax, and the long back cushion with single button detail adds to its contemporary style. From the looks of it, the Roma is a top contender for best chair beds.

Although there may currently be fewer sizes and upholstery options than the Haru sofa bed offered. However, while looks-wise we think it's a great dupe for the bestselling Made.com design, it is currently only available in the chair bed style, rather than a two-seater sofa.

Habitat Roma sofa bed

(Image credit: Habitat)

'As well as similarities in the looks department, just like Made.com's Haru, the Roma sofa bed's click-clack design makes it a super simple task to transition this sofa bed from seating to sleeping, with hidden pockets disguised by the coordinating scatter cushions opening to reveal hinged legs, and the backrest and seat easily unfolding to create the sleeping surface,' says Amy about why the Habitat Roma is a worthwhile dupe.

'The lack of arms and medium-firm cushioning mean it might not quite cut the mustard for everyday use, but as occasional seating it makes a great accent chair, working particularly well in a living room, bedroom, or guest room, or providing a great solution for impromptu sleepovers in a kids' bedroom or playroom.'

Habitat Roma sofa bed

(Image credit: Habitat)

Upholstery-wise, there are seven colourways to choose from, including our favourite, the off-white boucle. 

The Roma sofa bed also comes in two different material choices, fabric for when you want to keep it simple, as well as pure velvet, echoing Made.com's former stylish and luxe design.

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