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A living room is built for curling up and chilling out, so it’s essential to give your room a welcoming feel. A cosy look means something different to all of us: it could be deep, enveloping colour; soft, comforting texture or simple, unrefined shapes.

If your living room is a good size, you can afford to be experimental with rich colour. Warm shades, such as reds and yellows, can transform your room with a comforting mood, whereas cool colours, such as blues and pale greys, can have a soothing feel. Deep shades, such as purples, dark greys and greens, will create a luxurious look that can transform your living room into an indulgent sanctuary.

For a quick update, adding a variety of textures is the most straightforward way to up your living room’s cosy factor. Chunky-knit throws and soft cushion covers will transform your sofa into a snuggle-friendly oasis, while woollen rugs will feel cosy underfoot. Choosing seating in a tactile fabric, such as leather or velvet, will lend your room a more sumptuous feel.

Adding prints that are synonymous with cheerful country style can be another simple way to make your living room feel more inviting. Choose either floral or checked prints to give your room a more traditional look, or combine both for more relaxed, boho style.

The focal point of a living room in a period home is usually an open fireplace or a woodburner, which inevitably creates a cosy feel. If your room has a fireplace, make the most of this comforting feature by positioning seating facing towards it. If your room doesn’t have a fireplace, position sofas and chairs to face each other to create a more sociable and inviting layout.

Image credit: Homes and Gardens / Mark Bolton
Image credit: Homes & Gardens / Mark Bolton

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