Summer hosting is going Sicilian - why Italian Nonna Chic is the hottest interior trend right now

No need to pack your suitcase, it's now easier than ever to bring a taste of Italy to your home

Dining room tablescape with lemon yellow tablecloth and large plate of pasta.
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Cottagecore was fun while it lasted, but it's safe to say we're ready for a new trend ready-made for summer hosting. Enter Italian Nonna Chic. 

Hosting at home is officially this year's 'thing', whether inspired by the economic environment, post-lockdown nostalgia or just wanting to enjoy the spaces we've curated. 

We've seen tinned fish TikTok explode and quiet luxury infiltrate our interiors, so it's only natural that the two trends combine to form Italian Nonna Chic - an ethos that focusses on the warmth of homecooked dinners,  the joy of hosting and curating nostalgic tablescapes. 

No matter if you are an avid follower of home decor trends, this latest fad is more than a fashion, it encapsulates a lifestyle that we all want to embody this summer. 

Through colourful linens, hand-blown glassware, and vases perfectly poised for posies, you can echo the Italian tradition of familial hosting right in your own dining room or garden. This way, you can bring your holiday home with you.

Where to shop the trend

Looking to shop the Italian Nonna Chic trend for your home? Here are our favourite retailers who have nailed the look. 

H&M Home 


George Home 


La Redoute


Zara Home

Vaisselle ceramic vases on a wooden outdoor table next to candlesticks.

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What is Italian Nonna Chic?

Another home decor trend? We know, it can get pretty overwhelming. But Italian Nonna Chic is actually one of the simplest out there. In short, it's all about the Italian ethos of hosting family and friends in your home for elongated suppers spent around a colourful, pattern-filled environment. 

Nonna's (the Italian word for grandmother) are having a major moment, with the Pasta Grannies among many, making us look up to matriarchs for their talent in cooking and hosting. I mean, who doesn't want to impress guests with homemade spaghetti? 

'The Italian Nonna Chic trend is all about creating a warm, relaxed environment inspired by the homes of Italian grandmothers,' says Natalie Carton, Furniture and Home Accessories Buyer at Fenwick. 'Creating a homely space that takes influence from traditional Italian homes, using natural materials, floral patterns, hand-painted accessories, and simple furniture.' 

'The idea of bringing bright and contemporary accessories into your home to add a taste of the Med to your space.' So whether you're jetting off a la White Lotus or enjoying a staycation this year, it's easy to recreate a slice of the Italian Nonna Chic look. 

How to get the Italian Nonna Chic look

'Embrace the nostalgic allure of traditional Italy, for a look that is sure to transform any house into a home,' advises Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor, Dee Fontenot. 'Eclectic pieces, antique ornaments and plenty of plants and flowers will help bring this look to life.'

'A key part of any Italian themed look is of course centred around food and dining. A dining table filled with serveware, vases, fresh flowers and tall candles will set the scene for large family get-togethers, where food takes centre stage.'

Here are our favourite high street picks that encapsulate the aesthetic, so you can design your own tablescape piece by piece. 

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