How to style a stunning seating nook - all the tricks I use as a professional interior stylist

It's the home trend that isn't going anywhere

grey armchair next to French doors and curtains
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So, you've got your sofa for full-on lounging and dining chairs for more formal seating but do you know about the latest on-trend seating trend: aka the seating nook? 

This informal seating spot is all about pure indulgence and that's because it's purely for relaxation. Somewhere to carve out a bit of time and stop, whether you spend it with a good book, watching the sun go down or enjoying a glass of wine.  

The beauty of a seating nook home decor trend is that it doesn't have to take up too much space either, being it's just one or two chairs, so it's ideal whether you're living in a roomy house or have a corner to spare in a more compact flat. 

How to style a seating nook

Of course, if you want your seating nook to look more than just a chair floating on its own, you'll want to have it well-styled. I've rounded up all the tips and tricks I use when as an interior stylist when professionally styling a reading corner idea or general seating nook to help you create an indulgent spot you want to spend time in.

1. Connect it to the rest of the room with colour

Seating nook with pink armchair and hanging plant

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Just as you would a whole room, think of your seating nook as an area where you pull together different elements and set a living room colour scheme. You'll want it to tie in with the rest of the room, the biggest mistake I often see is people thinking about the nook in isolation.

However, don't feel hemmed in by this, you can afford to be braver with your chair colour choice and go for some artwork, cushions and accessories that follow suit. Be sure to include some pattern in your accessories too, to give it extra interest.

2. Make the most of a view

grey armchair next to French doors and curtains

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Where you position your seating nook is another key consideration – and if you have a beautiful view or lush garden, you might want to utilise that by placing your seat somewhere you can enjoy it. Placing your seat by French or sliding doors, or fitted into a bay window, for example, is a great way to get more from those views. 

3. Zone the nook with a rug

The best way to make a seating nook feel like a destination in a room or house is to zone the area with a rug underneath. This will make the nook however small it is feel bigger and like more of a statement. 

Other lovely finishing touches are a side table to place a cup of coffee and book – plus a lamp so you can enjoy your seating nook whether it's day or night. 

4. Add a chair-bench combo

bench seat with cushions and red armchair

(Image credit: Future PLC)

No hard and fast rule says your seating nook can only have one seat, so why not combine bench seating with an armchair or two? Turning your chair at an angle is a positioning trick I often use to make the area feel more inviting and cosy, and you can tie the two types of seating in with the colour and pattern of the cushions.

5. Pick a stand-out seat

hanging chair with cushions and side table

(Image credit: Future PLC / Dan Duchar)

When it comes to styling a seating nook I like to opt for a statement seating choice.  This can be a bright-coloured cocktail chair, a reupholstered mid-century style second-hand armchair or even a hanging chair like this. 

Being able to swing, or rock, while you sit, amplifies that feeling of relaxation and makes it an ideal spot to unwind.

Just remember to have fun with it! The only mistake to avoid is not connecting it to the wider room, so always make sure there is a design strand connecting your stunning nook to the rest of the space.

Laurie Davidson

Laurie Davidson is a professional stylist, writer and content creator, who lives and breathes interiors. Having worked for some of the UK’s leading interior magazines, styled homes up and down the country and produced sets for TV shows, adverts and top brands, it’s safe to say Laurie has had a pretty exciting career. Find her on Instagram at @lifeofaninteriorstylist or over at