Why you need to try this artificial Christmas tree hack for your most luxurious tree yet

The 'two-out, one up' trick will make your tree look so much fuller

artificial christmas tree in living room
(Image credit: Future PLC / Brent Darby)

It's Christmas tree time! We tried a TikTok hack for making your fake Christmas tree look fuller, and we couldn't recommend it enough.

The best artificial Christmas trees bring all the festive feels without the hassle of hoovering up pine needles all the time. No browning or drooping branches and no clambering underneath to water it, either. Trust me, before you put your tree up, you need to check out the 'two out, one up' rule.

artificial christmas tree

(Image credit: Future)

The TikToker explains that pulling two branches outwards, and then one upwards will enhance the appearance of your tree. 'I needed this 2 hours ago,' one commented. 

'You're making me want to redo my tree. Never knew this, thank you,' wrote second. Another pointed out that pulling two branches out one up, then two out and one down works better, and we think this is definitely worth trying for extra volume. 

The artificial Christmas tree hack is super easy and will fill out holes and wonky bits before you cover it in baubles (and generally make your faux spruce look far more luxurious). Because it's all about laying the groundwork when making your Christmas decorations pop.


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My tree before doing the hack

artificial christmas tree

(Image credit: Future)

Here's my tree straight out of the box, looking a little wonky at the top and with a few holes around the middle. I got to work following the instruction from TikTok, making sure all the branches were nicely spread out. 

It took around half an hour but it was well worth the effort. I'll be doing it every year as it improves the look of the tree so much.

My tree after trying the hack

artificial christmas tree

(Image credit: Future)

Look how much of a difference it made! If I've given you tree envy, my artificial Christmas tree, from Hayes Garden World is sold out, but there are lots of similar ones on Hayes website.

Whether you're putting up your Christmas tree or one of the best Christmas wreaths, spending some time faffing and tweaking can clearly make a big difference, and it's much, much easier to do it before you've covered it in lights and decorations.

Happy decorating!

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