This TikTok balloon bauble hack will give your tree a wow new look for under £3

Don't want to fork out for more decorations? Use this trick to update the ones you already have

christmas tree with fireplace and armchair
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Finding fun and unique tree ornaments – whether you prefer your best artificial Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree – can be a tall order. You want your tree to look different to everyone else's, but you also want it to look chic, stylish, and to complement the rest of your home's decor expertly.

Then there's the predicament of whether to switch up your ornaments year-to-year. Generally, it makes sense to stick with yours for at least a couple of years, so as not to be wasteful. But what if you're desperate for a refresh in 2022?

Thankfully, there's an ingenious hack taking TikTok by storm right now that allows you to do just that. And you won't even need to buy any new decorations. 

TikTok balloon bauble hack 

Mix of christmas baubles

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This TikTok hack has been going viral over on the social platform, with DIYers gaining hundreds of thousands of views by showing fellow decor fans specifically how to update their existing Christmas tree baubles. It's a genius budget Christmas decorating idea and one we'll definitely be trying this year! 

The trick involves just a bauble, balloon, and a pair of scissors. As the videos demonstrate below, all you need to do is cut the bottom off of your balloon (the part you blow into to inflate it).

Then, simply unscrew the top from your bauble, and wrap the deflated balloon around your ornament. Twist at the top to pull the ballon elastic tights, and then pop the top back on. Due to the elasticity of the balloon, it should fit tightly without any gaping. You can buy a pack of pastel party balloons for as little as £2.59 on Amazon so this is a truly pocket-friendly hack. 


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Then, clip the top of the bauble back on – and there you have it! What you'll be left with is a bauble in a brand new colour.

As @createdbyandi's video shows , this is a trick that's best done on round baubles due to their simpler shape. But if you want to try it on different shapes (such as teardrop), it's well worth a shot!

Depending on your decor style, you can then get creative and decorate your bauble to suit your taste. Follow in the footsteps of the TikTok creator above, and add glittering stick-on jewels to your bauble for a glam look (these self-adhesive rhinestones on Amazon will work a treat). Or, you tie some festive ribbon around the bauble, or even paint on some on-trend polka dots.


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Another option is to switch up your colour scheme by alternating the colour of the balloons on different baubles, as this TikTok user has done. 

Create a varied display by using a combination of more traditional red, white and green colours. Or give it a modern twist and use different pops of colours, such as pinks, greens, yellows and blues. If you're planning your Christmas window decor ideas this December too, you could even hang a couple from your window handles or ledges.

Alternatively, you could just as well leave the bauble covered with the balloon only. However you choose to customise this trick, you'll have a brand new colour scheme for your tree and your home – all for the price of a pack of balloons, and just a few minutes work.


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