If you only follow one trend this autumn - make sure it's this failsafe animal print

You heard it here first

Addison Ross tortoiseshell accessories collection.
(Image credit: Addison Ross)

Autumn is officially upon us, and with that comes a craving to hunker down in our homes and decorate to match it. We think this tortoiseshell revival is simply made for the cooler season. This home decor trend is one of the simplest ways to give your interior the spruce up it deserves.

We've seen leopard print flooring make a comeback, so it's only right that other animal prints begin to creep back into mainstream home decor. The warm amber hues of tortoiseshell accessories make them the perfect antidote for cosying up in a living room with the fire burning, so it's safe to say we're going to be adding these affordable buys to our shopping lists. We think this could be the next big print trend, so get ahead of the curve and add it to your homes before anyone else.

Tortoiseshell trend revival

We're all about finding small ways to incorporate trends into our homes. This way, they become part of our individual style and will last for much longer than one season. The benefit of the tortoiseshell trend is that it has warm, neutral tones that are easy to add to existing decor. So whether it's dressing up a tablescape or zhuzhing up some living room shelving, these tortoiseshell accessories will provide a fresh look that lets people know you're stylish.  

Addison Ross tortoiseshell accessories collection.

(Image credit: Addison Ross)

'Tortoiseshell stems from the intricate patterns and colours found in the shells of tortoises; specifically the rich mottled browns, blacks, and ambers. It is a timeless pattern, synonymous with luxury, that has been woven into interiors, fashion and beyond for centuries,' says Sarah Ross, co-founder of Addison Ross.

'I think Tortoiseshell is almost neutral; it looks equally stylish in an opulent maximalist setting as it does in a cleaner more paired-back neutral interior.'

Camilla Rowe, partner and home accessories buyer at John Lewis, adds: 'If you're looking for one piece to buy I'd recommend a beautiful lamp base, it looks just as good switched on as it does off and you can mix and match with a variety of shades.'

Get the look

Whether you've been on the lookout for a new lamp base for your bedside table, or perhaps your current cutlery is looking a little bit worse for wear, there's bound to be a tortoiseshell option that is a pretty and practical addition to your home. 

'Adding tortoiseshell-style items to your home, like decor or furniture, can make your space feel both timeless and modern. It's versatile and works in different design styles, from traditional to contemporary, making your space look elegant and modern,' adds Lisa Jones, editorial design manager at Dunelm

The experts love it, and the accessories speak for themselves. So what are you waiting for?

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