The £15 buy that will instantly make any bathroom and kitchen countertop look more expensive

Instagram influencers have long been using this clever hack

Mette Ditmer marble decorative tray
(Image credit: Dunelm)

Marble trinket trays have been populating our Instagram feeds for years as influencers share snaps of their jewellery and the likes displayed on these stone dishes time and time again. It  always makes everything look so much more elevated and expensive, and the great news is you can pick one up for around £15.

But it’s not just marble trinket trays that have caught our eye. This micro-trend now includes any type of stone or even concrete, all of which have the same effect of elevating your home, making everything look a bit more elegant. 

Trinket trays micro-trend

Kitchen sink by the window with dish and hand soaps displayed on a concrete tray

(Image credit: Heather Young)

When Jenna Lyons gets behind something, you know it’s a winner. The designer, businesswoman and The Real Housewives of New York City star took to her Instagram this month to post a series of images of her marble trinket dishes, captioning one with ‘the perfect place to keep your diamonds’.

While that might not be the most relatable of lines, Jenna is known as a tastemaker as we’ve witnessed with her previous viral bathroom hack. Where she goes, others follow. And we’re following. Especially when the likes of Sostrene Grene sell similar styles for £15 or less.

This is news as previously, marble trays and dishes like these would sell for £70 at the very least, as is the case with this sleek marble decorative tray by Mette Ditmer sold through Nordic Nest.

While not all of us are in possession of diamonds that need a place to be kept, we probably have some jewellery on our dressing tables that could use a little dish to be displayed on. But you can also use them in your bathroom for your skin care essentials or your kitchen, as Ideal Home’s Editor-in-Chief, Heather Young, does.

‘When we redid our kitchen earlier this year, we really wanted to keep the surfaces as clear as possible. I decant our hand wash and washing up liquid into glass dispensers – grouping them together on a stone-effect concrete tray turns them into more of a curated display and the tray also catches any drips to stop them collecting on the worktop.’

Get the look

So whether you opt for marble, stone or concrete as Heather has done, these trays or dishes are sure to make for a curated look wherever in your home you place them – the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or anywhere else.

Sara Hesikova
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