I'm a recent graduate, and these are the 15 uni room essentials I couldn't have lived without

Sending your kid off to uni? Here are the things that made my small room on campus feel like home

Stack of books, candles, decorative items on shelf
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Perhaps you're tired of hearing this, but alas, the time of waving your kid off to university is edging closer and closer – and with only a couple of weeks 'til the start of the semester, I can only imagine they've been nagging you about their uni room essentials and what to bring to university.

Truth be told, times have probably changed since you went to university yourself. Now, in the age of social media, the pressure to stay up to date on the latest home decor trends extends not only to our homes but even to the likes of a tiny box room in student halls. I know, I can hardly believe it myself.

However, don't worry. While you may not completely understand why your 18-year-old keeps hounding you for your 'cringe' Millennial interior choices (you can blame TikTok for that, by the way), I've got the lo-down on the things your kid actually would want to add to their list of uni room essentials.

Stack of books, candles, decorative items on shelf

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Uni room essentials – 15 must-haves to make your kid's small room on campus feel like home

Just to preface, this is going to be a more self-indulgent list of 'essentials' rather than the nitty-gritty checklist items I covered in my general uni essentials list.

Aside from all the must-haves we know to bring, such as a mattress protector, a kitchen starter kit, and a couple of extension leads, there's definitely room for the more fun and dare I say it, 'aesthetic' stuff. Not to mention, these are certainly gems if your child's got plans to decorate their dream uni room.

Hopefully, after this, you'll know what to keep in mind when you're shopping for your kid's essentials. After all, we know how much of an impact our surroundings have on our mood, especially in a home.

Even years later, they'll still remember their uni room essentials and how they acted as comforts for even the toughest moments they may endure at uni. Because I definitely do, and anything reminiscent of my uni rooms through the years always gives me that little kick of nostalgiacore.

So, believe me when I say it pays to help them curate a true home away from home – with all the bells and whistles attached. 

Jullia Joson
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