10 easy ways to transform your Uni box room into a cosy den

Does your boxy little cell need a bit of TLC? Here's how to transform it into a snug sanctuary

Create a cosy nest with these 10 essentials this wintery semester. Not only do they add character and charm to a shoe-box room, but using cunning techniques they add warmth to wintery nights in too...

1. Try a throw

white bedroom with carpet flooring and table

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With heating bills a hot debate in the house, pardon the pun, why not invest in a throw? Try a chunky knit or a sumptuous fur and curl up with a cup of tea of an evening. Equally, they double as great extra duvets when friends inevitably come to crash on your floor.

2. Light up your room

bedroom with white cupboard and lights

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For some extra sparkle, try fairy lights! A favourite amongst students across the country, these twinkly stars add a comforting glow to any bedroom. Experiment with different colours and shapes before winding them around bedposts or draping them over mirrors.

3. A beanbag for movie nights

white bedroom with blue carpet flooring

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For slouchy seating invest in a beanbag. They are a brilliant seating
alternative that don't take up too much space and can be dragged to
friend's rooms for movie nights. Grab one in a colour that pops or a print to
match your throw.

4. Invest in cosy cushions

white room with colourful cushions

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Embrace the cushion! All shapes, sizes, materials and colours - the more the merrier. Not only do they make your bed look cosy and inviting, they also add colour and texture to an otherwise bland and small room. Go crazy with patterns and prints that contrast against your bedding.

5. Decorate your wall

Snap happy: easy ways to display holiday photos

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Hide those boring, magnolia walls! Try posters collected from travels and university promoters - trust us, you'll be inundated or chalk boards covered in friends' scribbles. Equally, simply pin up postcards, photos and timetables to the wall.

6. Bask in storage glory

storage baskets with items on wooden table

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Baskets act as stylish storers. They look great in vibrant plastics or with ribbon tied around wicker handles, whilst serving a functional and practical purpose by hiding all those bits without a home. More can be more when making a room feel snug, so pile them high on floors and desks.

7. Perk up with plants

white window with flower pots and blue curtains

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We know that remebering to feed and water yourself is hard enough, but pick up an easy-care plant for some added life to an otherwise lifeless room. Try one with bright sprouting buds or pot it in a fun vase. You never know, you may become quite the botanist.

8. Style it out with candles

colourful glass candles with blue boxes

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Get rid of that fresh paint stench and make your room smell delicious. Try a scent that reminds you of home or a fun seasonal aroma. They can come in beautiful jars and the flickering flame adds a warm glow. But do be careful not to set any fire alarms off!

9. Protect your floors!

White modern bedroom with monochrome rug and yellow accents

(Image credit: Future PLC/Max Attenborough )

Hide that trodden, stained carpet with a charming rug. Get a bold colour or a pattern to revitalise your room and swap it up half way through term with cheap alternatives.
They look stylish when paired with matching cushions, plus they keep your toes toasty.

10. Display your favourites

white room with photo frames and roses

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Pin photos across walls, doors and boards, however save some special ones for ornate photo frames. It's good to dot them across ledges and tables throughout the room in contrasting shapes and materials to fill spots with important people.

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